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Re: Newsmax poll !!!! Ron is on it. CLICK HIM ON

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  • westmiller@aol.com
    ... There s no harm in responding to these various on-line polls, nor any fault in alerting others. BUT, I m not sure that they re of *any consequence* in
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 17, 2007
      > http://www.newsmax.com/poll/giuliani/?PROMO_CODE=2D18-1
      > This is a biggie amongst conservative grassroots.
          There's no harm in responding to these various on-line polls,
      nor any fault in alerting others. BUT, I'm not sure that they're
      of *any consequence* in the real political world.
          In this particular case, the "PROMO_CODE" is a selected
      commercial advertisement that appears after the poll. You
      can respond by deleting this portion, but *somebody* is
      getting financial credit for every execution of that code.
          Moreover, I searched the Newsmax site and couldn't
      find any report of the results. It may well be that the tally
      is being *sold* to the Giuliani campaign, along with your
      email address and name.
          The object is not to simply generate the superficial
      *appearance of support*, but to actually gain support for
      the Ron Paul. I'm not sure that poll results have any
      significant influence on any voter, except to entrench
      their own minority or majority opinions.
          Better to mention Ron Paul's name to *one neighbor*,
      or a local GOP gathering, than click a hundred on-line
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