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Be a troll for Liberty

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  • Eric Dondero
    Eric Thanks. I ll be sure to check out the links. Fellow RLCers, I spend my early mornings trolling on every website and blog imaginable. I use Google
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2007
      "Eric Thanks.  I'll be sure to check out the links."
      Fellow RLCers, I spend my early mornings "trolling" on every website and blog imaginable.  I use Google "libertarian" word alert.  That means anyone that uses the word "libertarian" in a Blog article, I get a notification on.  It works splendidly.
      I take each and every opportunity, actually opening, to spread the good cheer about libertarian Republicans and the Republican Liberty Caucus. 
      I got this one note above, from a Big Blogger recently, when they mentioned that they were starting to "lean libertarian."  They mentioned they were thinking of switching to the Libertarian Party.  I caught them just in time, and let them know that there was a libertarian wing of the GOP. 
      You all, PLEASE, join me in this effort.  Please FLOOD all the Blogs with messages on libertarian Republicans.  You don't have to spam.  Just respond to articles that mention libertarians and drop in the web address for the RLC at the end of your post. 
      Eric - For an RLC dominated America!

      Libertarian Republicans
      Fiscally Conservative, Socially Tolerant & Pro-Defense!
      For the latest libertarian political news http://www.mainstreamlibertarian.com
      Eric Dondero is a US Navy Veteran, former Libertarian Party National Committeeman, Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus and fmr. Senior Aide to US Congressman Ron Paul R-TX.  He is now a national Republican Political Consultant based in Houston, Texas.
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