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Fair Tax momentum builds on Capital Hill (Email from Congressman John Linder)

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  • DeWalt Alderman
    With so much happening on Capitol Hill during the change from Republican to Democrat control, I have not had an opportunity to update you on the status of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2007
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      With so much happening on Capitol Hill during the change from
      Republican to Democrat control, I have not had an opportunity to
      update you on the status of the FairTax. I have heard from many of
      you who fear that the change in power on Capitol Hill has doomed the
      FairTax, but I am writing to tell you that nothing could be further
      from the truth.

      A decisive election like the one last November has an uncanny way of
      focusing politicians on the real reasons that their constituents sent
      them to Washington . Given the broad nationwide support of the
      voters for the FairTax, this refocusing is very good news for the
      FairTax cause.

      The opportunity for FairTax this year was obvious on the very first
      day of this 110th Congress. I reintroduced H.R. 25 on that day, and
      I did it with more than twice as many original cosponsors than we had
      for its introduction in the last Congress. Even more exciting, I was
      able to introduce the FairTax as a bipartisan bill for the first time
      since 2003. Congressman Dan Boren, a Democrat from Oklahoma , joined
      me and 23 other colleagues from 11 different states to reintroduce
      the bill on January 4, 2007. Never before has the FairTax been
      reintroduced with such broad support.

      This record-setting first day of the 110th Congress was only the
      beginning. Today, just over one month into this Congress, the
      FairTax and its supporters have amassed an extraordinary 52
      cosponsors from 24 states. To put this accomplishment in
      perspective, in the 107th Congress, we never came anywhere close to
      this number; in the 108th Congress, we only barely achieved it after
      two full years; and in the last Congress, the 109th, the FairTax
      reached 52 cosponsors only after 15 months of hard work by volunteers
      across the country. As of today in the 110th Congress, the FairTax
      has garnered this level of support after just one month. Friends, I
      am under no illusion that we will continue to double the number of
      Congressional FairTax cosponsors every 30 days, but I am certain that
      this record-breaking start will produce more broken records and
      surpassed milestones for the FairTax as we move forward.

      As you celebrate these early successes with me, I encourage you to
      make particular note of the FairTax cosponsors who have never before
      cosponsored the legislation. Among these names are freshmen
      Congressmen Timothy Walberg from Michigan and David Davis from
      Tennessee and veteran Congressmen Dave Weldon of Florida and Ed
      Whitfield of Kentucky . Another new name on the FairTax that I know
      you will want to notice is long-time supporter but first-time
      cosponsor, former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert.

      Of course, the success we are seeing on Capitol Hill is simply a
      reflection of the enthusiasm for the FairTax that is growing across
      the entire nation. Hundreds of thousands of people have joined
      together with Americans for Fair Taxation to promote the FairTax.
      Newspaper articles and editorials are being written almost daily to
      help educate people on the many benefits of the FairTax, and FairTax
      rallies are being attended by thousands of people. I want to
      continue to participate in these exciting FairTax events, and I hope
      that you will join me at one of them.

      The FairTax will be the next grassroots revolution, but the FairTax
      is a huge idea that will take a great deal of passion to enact. I
      encourage you to get out there and support the FairTax by telling
      your friends and neighbors. Everyone knows that the income tax code
      is complicated and oppressive, but not everyone knows that the
      FairTax will free them from this intrusive burden. One-by-one, we
      will win their hearts and minds.

      Congratulations to you and all other FairTax supporters on the
      incredible success that we have seen so far this year. Together, if
      we remain firm in our commitment and dedication to the cause, we will
      make the FairTax a reality.

      My best,

      John Linder

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