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Re: [RLC-Action] How Do You Spell Tax Relief?

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  • George Blumel
    TABOR --Taxpayers Bill Of Rights-- is the name of the idea, used so effectively in Colorado for a period, is where taxes cannot be increased more that the
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2007
      TABOR --Taxpayers Bill Of Rights-- is the name of the idea, used so effectively in Colorado for a period, is where taxes cannot be increased more that the population growth and inflation added together.  So if population is 5% and inflation is 3%, that caps tax increases at 8%.  But it is always a good idea to make it necessary that all tax increases age approved by super majorities of the representatives, or better yet, by the voters.  -Geo.
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      Subject: [RLC-Action] How Do You Spell Tax Relief?

      The Minnesota Property Tax Project, being ramrodded by the Democratic-Farmer- Labor Party, probably won't bear the results we're looking for, but I suggest that we present our liberty proposals anyway. We can't criticize their plans unless we have better ones to offer. I'd like to know if anyone at National has been working on property tax reform and can share some good ideas with me. I will send them along to the project using my local address so they aren't automatically discounted for being from out of state.

      Follow the links in the League of Minnesota Taxpayers' newsletter below to find out more about the project.

      Doug Harrison

      Think you’ve got a solution to property tax increases?

      I can’t promise any results (well, the kind of
      results the Taxpayers League would approve of anyway), but Rep. Paul Marquart (DFL-Dilworth) , chair of the Property Tax Relief division of the Taxes committee, has set up a website – the Minnesota Property Tax Project – to gather ideas for bringing “property tax relief to every Minnesotan.” While Rep. Marquart has acknowledged that “conservative Republican solutions – such as deep cuts in local government spending or giving more power to property owners to force referenda – might not be prime candidates for ‘Idea of the Day,’” they will still “consider any and all suggestions.” That may not leave many options for those of us inclined to suggest fiscally responsible solutions, but in the spirit of Groundhog Day I would sincerely hope that you take five minutes and send the DFL your two-cents. Of course, we could wake up tomorrow and find that all we’re going to get is the same nightmare solutions we’ve seen out of every other “tax relief” package to come from the DFL, but unless you're this guy, we can always hope tomorrow will be different.
      Also, for folks out there who aren’t hooked up to “the Google” there are a couple of phone numbers set up to take your ideas: in the Metro (651) 297-8391 and in Greater Minnesota 1-800-551-5520.

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