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Here's the website url to join the Draft Board

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  • Eric Dondero
    Alright, alright, fellow RLCers, I m getting slammed this morning, especially by the CT RLC (cough, cough), for not including the url to join the Draft Board.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2007
      Alright, alright, fellow RLCers, I'm getting slammed this morning, especially by the CT RLC (cough, cough), for not including the url to join the Draft Board. 
      There's a reason I didn't do this.  Actually two.  Number One, I didn't want you all to flood their website with requests to join.  They may catch on, and get scared, "Oh, the libertarians are invading us."  Number Two, I don't think this is the best way to join.  I've had friends who tried this way, and they were turned down.  Yet, every single person I know who went directly to the local Commanders themselves was immediately taken on board. 
      You can try on the website.  But I URGE YOU to take the initiative and find out who your local Commander is and contact them.  You could get this info from the Post Office, your local City Government, or local Military Recruiters. 
      Now for some great news!! 
      My RLC-wide email has just snagged us another Libertarian Draft Board member that nobody knew anything about.  He's in Connecticut.  He will now be listed as a "Federal Appointee on the List of Elected Libertarians."   
      This is from the SSS website:

      Currently there is a flurry of newspaper articles about Selective Service planning to conduct an exercise of its field structure in 2009.  However, the public should not be alarmed.  No draft for the military is about to be reinstated.  Rather, Selective Service is planning to test its policies, plans and procedures as it has done routinely over the years if resources are available.  Given the decline in agency funding, this exercise may be postponed again as it has been in the past.  As always, Selective Service continues to do its job of being ready to conduct a draft and to manage a program for civilian alternative service for men classified as conscientious objectors when directed by the Nation¬ís elected officials: the president and Congress. 

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      Eric Dondero is a US Navy Veteran, former Libertarian Party National Committeeman, Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus and fmr. Senior Aide to US Congressman Ron Paul R-TX.  He is now a national Republican Political Consultant based in Houston, Texas.
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