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Running for Prez

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  • Paul Velte
    Dear Congressman Paul: When I urged you to run for President in 2008, at your birthday BBQ event this year, you laughed it off. I know it is much to ask;
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      Dear Congressman Paul:
      When I urged you to run for President in 2008, at your birthday BBQ event this year, you laughed it off.  I know it is much to ask; however, the vacuum of conservative presidential candidates presents a rare opportunity.  Seriously, the paucity of real conservatives in the field creates an defeaning vacuum into which you could step. 
      The nation needs you, or someone like you, as President, I think you would agree.  This puts you in a position to do much good, when few others are.  You have the stature, name ID to be credible, and you even have experience running a national campaign, to boot.
      At this point, the mainstream media is touting the likes of McCain and Guliani as frontrunners for the R nomination.  You and I both know that these liberal RINO's will never excite the R coalition, and even if they won, they'd take the nation in the wrong direction.  If things shape up like usual, our choice will be limited to socialist D's and liberal RINO's.  Why permit this?  You can provide us all a chance to get behind someone we're truly excited about.  You instill the kind of fervor Ronald Reagan did.  If you do not know this, you should.  A race could be more like catching a wave and riding it into office, than an uphill battle. 
      Think about it; this time will likely never come again.
      Paul Velte
      Attorney at Law
      Austin, TX 
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      Dear Paul:

      Thank you for contacting my office and for your kind words. Although I am not planning to relinquish my congressional seat to seek the presidency in 2008, I do appreciate your support of my fight for individual liberty and constitutional government.

      Thank you once again for your support of my agenda and for your efforts to advance the ideas of liberty.


      Ron Paul

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