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Re: [RLC-Action] McCain?

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  • George Blumel
    Republican leadership will back whoever they think can win -they don t care what his program may be or anything else. Winning elections is their goal. What we
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 29, 2006
      Republican leadership will back whoever they think can win -they don't care what his program may be or anything else. Winning elections is their goal.  What we have to do is recruit more people like us into the party and we need to get behind the most libertarian minded and work for them.  We must let the leadership know that there are certain people we will not back (I fully agree that McCain has disqualified himself). In my experience, the leadership usually consists mostly of big gov types and they think that promising more "freebies" from FedGov is important in getting voters on your side. Of course they can't outpromise the Dems so that is a loser from the beginning. As we have more influence in the party we can educate others on liberty, the Constitution and how we can win by doing the right thing --and not trying to outpromise the Dems.  One mistake often made by some of us is to begin with the premise that our Republican leadership is monolithic and conspiratorial and our enemy. They can be influenced by us if we get enough clout in the party. We have to build our membership and work, work, work and work smart.  Get in your Executive committees, use persuasion, be a leader yourself. A dedicated minority can accomplish wonders.         -Geo.
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      "McCain-Feingold' s backers claimed the law would rein in large donors and facilitate political campaigns that are less expensive, less negative and less influenced by special interests. If that nirvana has arrived, we haven't noticed. . . . Perhaps the lesson is that limiting political speech isn't the cure for whatever supposedly ails the electoral system. Let's hope the Supreme Court seizes this opportunity to start dismantling the speech-regulation regime known as McCain-Feingold. "

      - Wall Street Journal editorial, 12/29/06

      I keep hearing McCain's name being bandied about for '08, and I don't like it all! Oddly, his Liberty Rating puts him in the "libertarian" sector of the LiberGraph, even with the McCain-Feingold abomination. I've always tried not to be a single issue voter, but the issue of political speech is overarching and cannot be ignored.

      A lot is going to happen between now and the next Primary Election, so it's hard to tell which contenders may eventually end up on the ballot. Unfortunately, the GOP no doubt has already picked its horse and is preparing to trash any Republican competitors before they can become a threat to their chosen one.

      Given the fact that the GOP failed to replace our Washington leadership, I can only assume we must brace for more of the same old crap. There is talk of a fragmenting GOP. If the party is going to be split, it is wise to plan for a paradigm shift rather than to allow complete disintegration. That means we must be proactive rather than waiting to see where the pieces fall. It is time for a coup. Power must be taken from those who have both abused it and failed to use it effectively.

      What are our prospects for a new GOP? Who will be the new faces? The media/Left will attempt to shape the public opinion on these matters. So will the current leadership of the party. What are we planning to do to counter them?

      Douglas G. Harrison
      New Hope, Minnesota

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