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Re: Next Steps for Cleanse the Code

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  • westmiller@aol.com
    The RLC recently joined with a dozen other organizations in an NTU promotion of legislation to cleanse the tax code.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2006
      The RLC recently joined with a dozen other
      organizations in an NTU promotion of legislation
      to "cleanse" the tax code.

      If there are members in DC who would like to
      assist NTU in following up on the effort with
      personal contacts on the hill, advise me or
      directly contact NTU.

      krasmussen@... writes:
      Thank you again for becoming a signatory to the Cleanse the Code statement
      on tax reform. With the participation of Senators Wyden and Craig, we had a
      successful conference call last Thursday with members of the media. Many
      thanks for alerting your media contacts to the call on short notice.

      As a next step in the process, some groups have indicated a willingness to
      attend bi-partisan meetings with House and Senate staffers to introduce the
      statement and ideas for legislation.

      ***If you are interested in joining other signatories in meetings with
      personal office and committee staff, please send me an e-mail expressing
      your interest.*** I will then contact you in early February to begin
      scheduling meetings.

      Grassroots organizations are also encouraged to ask their members to send a
      copy of the Cleanse the Code statement to their Senators and Member of

      Please note that there is an additional signatory to the statement as of
      this morning. An updated PDF copy of the letter is on www.ntu.org.


      Kristina Rasmussen
      Senior Government Affairs Manager
      National Taxpayers Union

      108 North Alfred Street
      Alexandria VA 22314
      P: (703)683.5700
      F: (703)683.5722
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