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FW: Tell the State Dept. to Reject Privacy-Threatening Technology!

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  • Jeff Palmer
    I encourage everyone to respond! Jeff Palmer - jap@highstream.net * * * Quote of the Week: “When a place gets crowded enough to require ID s, social
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      I encourage everyone to respond!

      Jeff Palmer - jap@...
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      Quote of the Week:  “When a place gets crowded enough to require ID's, social collapse is not far away." -- Robert Heinlein (1907-1988)

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      From: Tom Schatz, President, CAGW [mailto:cagwpresident@...]
      Sent: Friday, December 01, 2006 7:00 AM
      Subject: Tell the State Dept. to Reject Privacy-Threatening Technology!

      Citizens Against Government Waste

      I need your help today to stop a State Department proposal that could jeopardize your personal privacy! 

      Under Section 7209 of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, which Congress passed in 2004, the State Department is charged with creating a new “passport card” for Americans to use for travel to Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean.  Currently, Americans only need to show a driver’s license or birth certificate for such cross-border travel. 

      The State Department has issued a proposal (RIN 1400-AC22) to embed the passport card with a Radio Frequency (RF) identification chip, with the capacity for carrying and transmitting detailed personal information.  Though the State Department is proposing that the RF chip only contain a unique ID number, that ID number would be used to access a federally-controlled database with secure information about you and other travelers.  What’s more, according to the State Department’s own proposal, the RF-embedded passport card could be remotely accessed up to 20 feet away 

      The State Department has invited the public to comment on this proposal by December 18, 2006.  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice needs to hear from Americans like you who value their personal privacy and are concerned by the fact that an RF passport card could be accessed by unauthorized persons, making us all more vulnerable to identity theft and government snooping.  Please tell the Secretary of State today that you oppose the use of privacy-jeopardizing RF technology and want her to reject RIN 1400-AC22! 


      Thomas A. Schatz

      P.S.  If we are going to succeed in stopping this threat to our personal privacy, Secretary of State Rice needs to hear from thousands of Americans in the next few weeks.  Please help by forwarding this message to your friends.

      Citizens Against Government Waste is the nation's largest taxpayer watchdog group with over one million members and supporters nationwide.  It is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in government.  For more information about CAGW, visit our website at www.cagw.org.  Help CAGW wage this battle to block the use of privacy-threatening Radio Frequency identification chips by making a tax-deductible contribution today.  



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