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RE: [RLC-Action] Re: How it should work

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  • Adam J. Bernay
    From: westmiller@aol.com Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 11:44 AM ... And Bill, it was billed here as How it should work. That s the context of my comment.
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      From: westmiller@...
      Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 11:44 AM

      >> Anyone else think this perspective is bass ackwards?
      >    It's a GAME, intended to familiarize students with
      > the legislative process. It has nothing to do with what
      > is right or wrong, only with whether you reach the
      > GOAL. Monopoly has *nothing to do with business*
      > and Fantasy Congress has *nothing to do* with the
      > actual political process: it's a guessing game.

      And Bill, it was billed here as "How it should work." That's the context of
      my comment. Chill.

      > [Granted, lots of real politicians play that "game",
      > with little regard for content, including the occupant
      > of the White House.]
      Oh, I agree with you there, completely!

      This reminds me of an exchange I had on my old talk show with the proponent
      of a measure for a part-time state legislature in California. He was
      talking about all of the bills generated so the legislators look like
      they're doing SOMETHING during all that time at the Capitol, and I said
      something to the effect of, "I wonder if we could come up with some other
      term other than 'legislator,' because it seems like they think that they
      actually HAVE to legislate in order to justify their paychecks!"

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