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    Posted by: DeWalt Alderman _oscar98@cox.net_ (mailto:oscar98@cox.net) ... RLCUSA-PAC contributions are the nitty-gritty tool that can actually affect
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2006
      Posted by: "DeWalt Alderman" oscar98@...
      > What is the most effective way to donate?  I currently
      > give monthly to the PAC, but would the Caucus be a
      > better place right now?
          RLCUSA-PAC contributions are the "nitty-gritty"
      tool that can actually affect elections and get the
      attention of candidates, so don't abandon it. The
      PAC Board greatly appreciates the continuing
      donations that you've offered in support.
          Nearly all of the contributions to the Caucus
      itself come in the form of membership dues at
      various levels. We hope to implement recurring
      payment options with the website redesign, but
      they can be done manually on request.
          Caucus dues and donations are critical to our
      ongoing operations, but a "campaign warchest"
      is a public FEC report that is very important to
      our credibility and efficacy.
          If it's a choice between one or the other, I'll
      leave that to your discretion. Hopefully, both!
      PS: The percentage calculation of victories was
      incorrect. Slightly over 70% [70.92] of our general
      election endorsed candidates were successful.
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