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Re: Operation: "Ton of Bricks"

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  • westmiller@aol.com
    Posted by: steven s. _crestln@erols.com_ (mailto:crestln@erols.com) ... I love it, but being a crusty curmudgeon, let me add a little dose of reality. The
    Message 1 of 13 , Nov 9, 2006
      Posted by: "steven s." crestln@...
      > I like the idea very much ...
          I love it, but being a crusty curmudgeon, let me
      add a little dose of reality. The RLC doesn't even
      have ONE volunteer coordinator in DC, much less
      a media operation that could promote such a PR
      event. The RLC doesn't have enough money to
      send a newsletter to members, much less a ton
      of bricks to Congress. The decision is going to
      be made in 10 days, not enough time to arrange
      such a massive project.
         The National Board is reviewing a press release,
      which might be distributed ... if we had an active
      Media Director or a useful media database.
         Given our resources, the best we can do is
      urge members to contact *their own* members
      of Congress to insist on the election of Shadegg
      and Flake to House leadership positions.
          But, keep the marvelous ideas flowing!
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