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[Spam] RE: [RLC-Action] Update on RLC state affiliate development

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  • Ron Lahr
    Dear Aaron Biterman: My name is Ron Lahr. I live in Post Falls, Idaho and am interested in forming a local chapter of the RLC. Another Republican in Post
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 10, 2006

      Dear Aaron Biterman:


      My name is Ron Lahr. I live in Post Falls , Idaho and am interested in forming a local chapter of the RLC. Another Republican in Post Falls, Jeff Ward , and I have been attending meetings of the local Pachyderm Club and meeting activists and elected officials. Although we both travel some for work we are ready to get the RLC going in North Idaho . We would prefer not being the coordinators for the entire state since we are so far north of Boise .


      Could you advise me on what we need to do?


      I am a consultant and have also started a couple of businesses here in Post Falls . Sometime next year I expect to be done traveling. When I lived in Washington state I was very active in the LP as a state officer, county officer, etc. I’ve worked on campaigns for candidates and initiatives. Jeff worked as a political consultant for George Nethercutt and others. We do have some political organizing experience.


      Thank you,


      Ron Lahr


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      ------------ --------- -------

      Is the RLC active?

      ------------ --------- -------


          You bet!  More active than ever.  Bill Westmiller and myself

      are working to develop chapters in as many states as possible.

      For instance:


      Connecticut: Abe Arias has been appointed coordinator for the

      state and it looks like he will be a great leader in developing the



      Maryland: Spear Lancaster and Steve Sass have stepped up to

      the plate as prospective co-coordinators of the state chapter.


      Massachusetts: Under the leadership of Jason Burkins, the

      state just had a vote for their chartering ballot.


      North Dakota: Michael Zimny has been appointed state

      coordinator recently.


          We have a few marginally active state organizations that are

      not yet chartered in Iowa , Illinois , and Wisconsin .



      ------------ --------- -------

      What states need assistance?

      ------------ --------- -------


          I'm looking for state coordinators in quite a few states, but

      I'd like to start with DC, Idaho , Montana , Nevada , New Jersey ,

      and South Carolina .  If you're in one of these states and would

      like to get involved in forming an active pro-liberty state affiliate

      of the RLC, please let me know at aulibertarians@ aol.com.



      ------------ --------- -------

      What are you doing to achieve results?

      ------------ --------- -------


          Our first priority is activating the state eGroup and providing

      an activist Coordinator with our data files. We assist state

      coordinators wherever possible in recruiting officers and Board

      members to get the state chartered.  Over the past two years,

      we've chartered or re-chartered more than a dozen states, with

      four being finalized in 2006 alone.



      ------------ --------- -------

      Candidate endorsements -- only the best ...

      ------------ --------- -------


          Bill Westmiller has done an excellent job keeping up with

      candidate endorsements.  Over 100 RLC recommendations can

      be found at http://www.republic anliberty. org/candid/ .  Our

      recommended candidates represent the only hope our country

      has to be free.  A few highlights of our endorsed candidates:


      MARK SANFORD for Governor of South Carolina .  An RLC

      favorite -- and the best Governor in the nation -- Governor

      Sanford has a fairly easy re-election campaign.  Still, we can't

      help but love his pro-growth, pro-liberty policies.


      JOHN DENDAHL for Governor of New Mexico .  An RLC

      member who doesn't mind being labeled "libertarian- Republican, "

      former state GOP chairman Dendahl is taking on 2008 Dem.

      Presidential hopefully Bill Richardson and needs our support.


      TOBY NIXON for State Senator in Washington state.  Rep.

      Nixon, RLC Washington State coordinator, is attempting to

      move to the upper chamber of the legislature.  If you look at

      the endorsements tab at https://www. tobynixon. com/, you'll

      see just how talented Rep. Nixon is -- to maintain principle

      yet also work with others to achieve real, pro-liberty results.


      MIKE HEWITT for State Representative in Michigan .  Mike

      is in a tough GOP primary, but his chances of winning are

      excellent.  Contribute at http://www.mike4sta terep.com/ .


      BOB COLLISON for State Representative in Wisconsin .

      President of the Independent Business Association of
      Wisconsin , Bob is in a brutal five-way GOP primary.  The

      primary winner will win the general election.  Bob's main

      opponent is a Jim Sensenbrenner hack.  Contribute today

      at http://www.bobcolli son.org/Pledge. php.



      ------------ --------- -------

      Project: Identifying former LP'ers who have switched affiliations

      ------------ --------- -------


          One project I've been working on, in addition to chapter

      development, is ID'ing former active LP members who have

      switched political affiliations.  By reaching out to these folks,

      I've managed to find some very interesting, very talented former

      LP'ers who have decided to join the RLC.


          If you have any tips in this regard, please let me know at

      aulibertarians@ aol.com.



      ------------ --------- -------

      RLC on MySpace, Facebook, and Essembly

      ------------ --------- -------


          As part of my job of recruiting members and state affiliate

      coordinators, I've started an RLC group at Essembly and
      Facebook.  Sean Grebey started an RLC group on MySpace.

      Sean's group has about 100 subscribers.  The Essembly

      group has 30 subscribers.  I'm proud to report that the

      Facebook group, which I created within the last month, has

      213 college-aged subscribers.



      ------------ --------- -------

      RLC-Campus Taking Off ...

      ------------ --------- -------


          Finally, the RLC-Campus eGroup has taken off, and now

      has over 100 members.  If you're a college student or college

      professor, please join us today by logging on to

      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/RLC- Campus/.



      ------------ --------- -------

      Make sure to join the RLC today!

      http://www.rlc. org/?p=Join

      ------------ --------- -------

      Save the dates September 15 - 17, as the RLC 2006 National

      Convention will take place in Orlando , Florida .

      ------------ --------- -------



      --- end of message ---


      yours for liberty,
      ... Aaron

      Director of Chapter Development,
      Republican Liberty Caucus USA

      "There is a significant difference between genuine liberty and
      moral fascism. Barry Goldwater understood this; Tom Delay
      and George Bush do not." Join the Republican Liberty Caucus!

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