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Harris County Texas Candidate/Activist Meetup & County Executive Committee Meeting

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  • Guy McLendon
    Everyone, Below please find the agenda for this coming August 27, 2006 events. Three events are scheduled back-to-back . first, the LP Harris County Executive
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      Below please find the agenda for this coming August 27, 2006 events.


      Three events are scheduled back-to-back … first, the LP Harris County Executive Committee will meet between 3 to 4 PM.  This is your opportunity to pick up door hangers and hopefully yard signs, and to get more involved with the steamroller that Harris County, America’s 3rd most populous county, is about to become.


      The second event, from 4 PM to 5 PM, is a candidate/activist meetup to give candidates an opportunity to discuss their campaigns, and attract volunteers.  I have invited members of the Constitution Party, Green Party and Reform Party USA to join this event, so this is their opportunity to “kick the tires” of our candidates.  Many non-LP members may welcome the opportunity to vote for candidates who are not part of the duopoly.


      The 3rd event is a social/dinner.  My understanding is that Hong Kong City II will extend a 10% discount to attendees of this event.


      See ya there!

      Guy McLendon

      Chair Harris County LP





      Harris County Libertarian Party

      Executive Committee Meeting



      Date:         Sunday - 8/27/2006

      Time:        3:00PM-4:00PM HCLP CEC Business Meeting

      4:00PM-5:00PM [Optional] Candidate/Activist Meetup

      5:00PM-6:00PM [Optional] Social & Dinner


      Location:    Hong Kong City II


      9525 Southwest Freeway
      Houston , TX 77074




      Guy McLendon

      Chair - Harris County LP

      Term:  March 2006- March 2008

      Cell 832-372-8131



      Business Agenda:

      1. Approve Previous Meeting Minutes
      2. Treasurer’s Report – Contributions?
      3. Committee Reports, if any [UH Lib, Lib Coalition, etc]
      4. Review task assignments of CEC officers & resource loading       
        >Secretary – Bylaws Update & List of Affiliates    
        >Treasurer – TEC filing status
      5. New Business: County 2007 Annual Goals – Due Dec 31, 2007    
        >Revenue:  2007 = 2 x 2005     
        >Yard Sign Deployment List: [Qty = 200]
        >Elect Candidate(s) in 2007 Municipal Elections    
        >Appoint Precinct Chairs in 5% of Harris Precincts [43 of 875]
        size=2 face=Verdana>
      6. Database Enhancement Project – Phase 1  
        >Effective GCL – Max Revenue, Min Cost.  Free subscription
        to contributors, advertisers & activists
        >Yard Sign Deployment Database
        >Working, ~70% complete:  Call Each GCL Recipient w/ Phone Number
        >Working, ~5% complete:  Reverse Lookup GCL Recipient w/out Phone
        >Not started:  Reverse lookup non-GCL Recipients & contact to
        get active
      7. Sister county GCL interaction
      8. New Business: Annual Affiliates Business Meeting?
      9. Yard sign & Door Hanger deployment
      10. Event Updates?
        >Heights Festival?
        >Election Survivor Celebration?  Place, host?
        >Other Events in 2006?
      11. Possible GCL articles for next issue – Liberty Reporter Assignments?      
        >Request for volunteers - Precinct Chair, Yard Sign, & Door Hanger
        >List other county chair contact info, HCLP Yahoo Group, what else?
        >Aug 20 - Ron Paul Birthday Bash
        >LNC Meeting Results
        >Sept 16th - Common Ground:  UH Coordinator Monica
        Granger 832-259-2830
        >Sept 28th – Candidate Forum:  Lead Coordinator
        – volunteer?
      12. HCLP Precinct Chairs [Alpha order]

      Mark Biar - 0518

      Martin Nitschke - 0807

      Brent Sullivan - 0003

      Bill Gray - 0173

      Roger Plail - 0322

      John Westerlage - 0059

      Ken Grubaugh - 0113

      Sanford Smith – 0472?

      Carl Wetzel - 0772



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