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FW: Mike Pence for President

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    ____________________________________ From: Travis J Hankins To: travisjhankins@pence08.com Subject: Getting a good start
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5 9:39 PM
      From:  "Travis J Hankins" <TravisJHankins@...>
      To:  travisjhankins@...
      Subject:  Getting a good start this Fall for Mike Pence for President campaign
      Date:  Fri, 04 Aug 2006 13:52:34 -0700
      >Dear Movement Conservatives,
      >I hope you are
      having a great summer. This letter is to all the college chairs, although there are a few of you who are not college chairs but I still need your help in this effort.  I know most of you guys are preparing to head back to school for the fall. We really want to have a solid start this fall to recruit students to get involved with the Mike Pence for President 2008 campaign, especially the incoming freshman. We all know the importance of getting a true conservative elected and I thank you for all your efforts in advance. We have to get out in front of our competition by approaching our peers before others do, so this is what I need for you guys to do within the next few weeks before school starts.
      >1. Start a Facebook group! (If you have not already
      started one).
      >    - this is very
      >    - create a facebook group saying “Mike
      Pence for President 2008- (your school)
      >      chapter”
      >- Write up a
      strong detailed message talking about Mike Pence and why he is the best
      >   guy for the job
      >- Then make sure you place a
      picture of Mike Pence. (Go to google and type in Mike
      >   Pence
      and then hit “images” if you need a picture)
      >- Then you can create
      officers as you see fit for the folks involved with your college
      >      Chapter
      you need an example of what a college chapter facebook group profile should look like then you can check out our global group. You do not have to write word for word but this will help you get started. If you can not think of a good detailed message then you can use some of the global message. http://indiana.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2204479067
      Invite every “very conservative” “conservative” and “moderate” to your facebook
      >     group.
      >    -
      This is how you will identify conservatives at your school who are interested in the
      >      Campaign. (Not everybody will
      join but this will get out Pence’s name recognition)
      >    - On your college chapter facebook
      profile, click on the link to the right that says
      >      “Invite people to join” You
      first want to start by inviting all your friends (just click
      >      the box next to each individual
      >    - Then you click on the “search” button up
      top. Then click on the “Advanced Search”
      >      on the bottom
      >    - Then click on the top button that says
      “search within” and then click on your school
      >    -
      Then go down on the left under “personal info” and click on the box that says
      >      “political views and click on
      “very conservative”
      >    - This will bring up a list
      of all the “very conservative” students at your school.
      >    - Now copy the 1st page and paste
      onto a word document. Then click to the next page and
      >      do it all over again until you
      have copied and pasted every person in the category.
      >    - Once that is complete, then go to
      your college chapter facebook profile and click on the
      >      “invite people to
      >   - Now go back to your word document and copy and paste
      a name and then place it into
      >      the
      search box.
      >    - Then click on the link that says
      “invite to join” next to the person’s name you find (there may be a few people with the
      >     same name so make sure you get the
      right person)
      >    - Once you have added 100
      people, then you must hit “send invitations” because
      >      facebook will only allow you
      to invite 100 people at a time.
      >    - You
      will do this until you eventually invite every very conservative, conservative and
      >      moderate.
      let me know if you have any questions or need any help with this. This should only take you a week or two at the most to complete this task. Once I know that you are committed to serving as college chair by accomplishing this important work, then I will place you as college chair on the "Mike Pence for President 2008" global facebook group.
      >If you feel like you will not be
      able to serve as college chair I still need for you to do this and then you can decide who you want to serve as college chair based on those who are most interested in getting involved. Thank you for your time and hard work, we couldn’t do this without you. Take care and God Bless!
      >Travis J.
      >Restarting the Reagan

      yours for liberty,
      ... Aaron

      Director of Chapter Development,
      Republican Liberty Caucus USA

      "Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals
      than through force of arms." -- Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)
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