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    Posted by: Joe Liberty joseph@patriotsaints.com ... Yes, though it s news to me: http://www.freestateparty.net NOT to be confused with the New Hampshire
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2006
      Posted by: "Joe Liberty" joseph@...
      > Does the Free State Party have a website?

      Yes, though it's news to me:

      NOT to be confused with the New Hampshire
      Free State PROJECT:

      It appears that FSParty is strictly a federalist party,
      with connections to the LP and Constitution parties.
      Main organizer is Don Willis, one of the organizers
      of the 'Libertarian Reform Caucus':

      > What is the nature of their differences ...

      Actually, they provide a little chart comparison:

      It looks like this group is the 'moderate' splinter
      group from the LP Convention, but having similarities
      (one-paragraph 'platform') to the new 'radical' splinter
      of anarcho-capitalist / anti-war Boston Tea Party:
      [Under construction: http://www.bostonteaparty.com]

      So, it appears that the LP is on the verge of
      splintering into 279 sub-groups (one for each of
      the disgruntled delegates ;o).

      To top it off, the LP itself is splintering into a
      set of state organizations that are NOT affiliated
      with the national LP. One of them is the New
      Hampshire LP, which 'de-affiliated' last year and
      is now more closely affiliated with the New
      Hampshire Liberty Alliance, a trans-partisan
      group of libertarians:

      Then ... we can also take a peek at the
      Democratic Freedom Caucus, which started as
      a few Texas LP members who want to copy our
      efforts in the GOP:

      To meld it all together ....
      Former RLC Massachusetts Coordinator
      Jim Perry, who had been active in the LP, has
      moved to New Hampshire and joined the FSP
      and NHLA to run as a DFC candidate in the
      Democratic primary for the state legislature.

      Frankly, I wish all these folks "Good Luck!",
      since anything they accomplish will benefit the
      RLC by moving voters and elections toward

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