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The importance of state RLC affiliates

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  • AULibertarians@aol.com
    This message is from our friends promoting the FairTax, but can easily apply when substituting the phrase Fair Tax for RLC. We must focus on state
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2006
      This message is from our friends promoting the FairTax, but can easily apply when substituting the phrase "Fair Tax" for "RLC."  We must focus on state affiliate growth -- and Bill Westmiller can't do it alone.  Step up, folks! :)  Join the revolution.
      -- forwarded message --

      I will take a swing at the “why should we help grow the state group” question.
      When we started to expand the groups into all 50 states about three years ago, the FairTax was far less known than it is today.  The Ga group grew to a substantial size (several hundred members, as I recall) fairly quickly, but the other states were much slower to “take off”.  When we started the state groups, there was really no convenient way for rank and file grassroots supporters to communicate with each other conveniently, except those you encountered in your daily life and developed communications with on your own.  Those of us who saw a need for the state groups saw it as a tool to empower our supporters, making it easier to identify other supporters in their areas and develop collaborative relationships with them.  The guy who lives two streets over in your subdivision may be a strong supporter who is willing to help you lobby your congressman, for example, but you had no way of knowing that unless you just happened to interact with him somewhere and the FairTax came up as a topic.
      Several of us, most especially Sam Wright of Brunswick, GA, saw the potential of the Yahoo! technology for linking our supporters together electronically, and have worked very hard to grow the memberships so that they have become a real force for us.  As I previously posted, we should surpass 20,000 subscribers in the 50 state groups, which is enormous growth since Sam’s first “Morning Report” in September of 04 (which had about 3,000 subscribers).  If we make a concerted effort, I believe that we can get to 50,000 within the next year or so.
      It has been just recently that we have seen the state groups used for what we envisioned several years ago when we started them – facilitating communication and projects to promote the FairTax and move it forward.  For example, I have seen posts about (1) the stances of various elected officials and candidates on our issue and the efforts to lobby them by our supporters, (2) rally communications and announcements, (3) organizational meetings, (4) tax reform news items, (5) FairTax booths and tables at community festivals, political events, etc. etc.  We now have a means of mobilizing our supporters quickly and efficiently.  While the state Yahoo! group members represent a small fraction of the supporters on AFFT’s database, I would suggest that they are the “elite troops” of the tax reform war.  By that, I mean they are the most connected, informed and motivated.  No other tax reform proposal has anything remotely resembling this that I am aware of.
      A couple of years ago, Senator Grassley, then Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee made a less than brilliant comment about real tax reform being really difficult and unlikely.  We alerted our supporters via the groups and his switchboard and fax machine were swamped.  His receptionist told Genie Hayes to please have our supporters refer those calls to the Senate Finance Committee.  My reaction was that the Senate Finance Committee didn’t make that uninformed statement, Senator Grassley made it and he should hear from our supporters.  Bear in mind that when that happened, we had nowhere near the numbers in our various state groups that we have now.  Can you imagine the impact we could have if we could get these groups up to 50,000 upon any elected official making a stupid statement?  BTW, I have not heard Senator Grassley making any more ill-advised statements along those lines.
      The point I am trying to make (perhaps too verbosely) is that the groups are directly related to the impact that we are having across the country in educating Americans and in lobbying elected officials.  This whole effort is about educating people in mass and mobilizing them to do just a little bit in their daily lives to move the proposal along.  Maintaining ongoing communication and rapid dissemination of information is the best way to facilitate that, which is exactly what the state groups do.  That is why, when asked by someone who is new to the FairTax revolution, what they can do to help, I always give two answers
      Go to fairtax.org and sign an electronic petition, look through the FAQs and research papers to learn more, and
      Join your state Yahoo! e-mail group ASAP.
      If we don’t stay in contact with people, we lose their energy and enthusiasm.  The groups are the only efficient way to do that in volume.  If you want to do something today to move the FairTax forward, call three friends, explain the FairTax if they aren’t familiar with it and ask them to join their state group.  We are at a point where we can see exponential growth from an already substantial base if we all do that.
      Philip Hinson
      Volunteer Regional Director – SE
      PS: It doesn’t matter what states your three friends are in – long distance is cheap and we have had 50 state groups for some time now.
      -- end of message --

      yours for liberty,
      ... Aaron Biterman

      Director of Chapter Development,
      Republican Liberty Caucus USA

      "There is a significant difference between genuine liberty and
      moral fascism. Barry Goldwater understood this; Tom Delay
      and George Bush do not." Join the Republican Liberty Caucus!
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