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RE: [RLC-Action] Re: RNC Seeks Money, Not Advice From Grassroots

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  • jonhenke@comcast.net
    Garbage clean up: First off, Joe Wilson was not an ambassador. ... Virtually his entire careerwas spent as a background admin guy in our embassies,
    Message 1 of 14 , Jul 5, 2006
      Garbage clean up:

      "First off, Joe Wilson was not an ambassador."

      ---Yeah, he was. He was appointed by Bush 41 as an ambassador to Gabon and S�o Tom� and Pr�ncipe.

      "Virtually his entire careerwas spent as a background admin guy in our embassies, primarily concerned with issues like if there was toilet paper was available."

      ----Wilson also helped direct Africa Policy for the Clinton administration's NSA. And he was praised by Bush 41 for standing up to Hussein and helping protect hundreds of US citizens:

      "He was hailed as "truly inspiring" and "courageous" by George H. W. Bush after sheltering more than one hundred Americans at the embassy, despite Saddam Hussein's threats to execute anyone who refused to hand over foreigners. As a result, in 1990, he also became the last American diplomat to meet with Saddam Hussein (Wilson, 2003). When Saddam sent a note to Wilson (along with other embassy heads in Iraq) threatening to execute anyone sheltering foreigners in Iraq, Wilson publicly repudiated the dictator by showing up to a press conference wearing a homemade noose around his neck. Saddam offered a public apology for the diplomatic note."


      "Secondly, "the US Government" did not send Wilson to Niger. His wife, a CIA
      official (not a spy), "sent him" -- more to get his unemployed butt out of
      the house for awhile -- on an unpaid trip to scout around."

      ----Wilson's wife suggested his name. She neither "sent him", nor had the authority to "send him". He was sent by CIA authorities.

      There's a lot of problems to be had with Wilson, but you've just made up a story out of thin air.

      --Jon Henke--
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