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LP 2006 Convention - Platform Changes

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  • Guy McLendon
    * * * * * * * * * * * * Status Report * * * * * * * * * * * * Platform Committee Work: The 2006 Platform Committee work focused on two areas - consolidation,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2006
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      Status Report
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      Platform Committee Work:

      The 2006 Platform Committee work focused on two areas -
      consolidation, and constitutional consistency. The consolidation
      planks combined 11 planks down to 5 planks, and these 5 were
      approved by Convention in a single vote. Multiple other planks were
      considered on a plank by plank basis. Approved Platform Committee
      planks included Sexual Rights, Immigration, Government Debt &
      Conscription. In addition, this partial list of planks were also
      moved forward to 2006 from the 2004 Platform: Right to Bear Arms,
      War on Drugs & Freedom of Communication. For info on the
      consolidation, please see attachment, or HTML table below.

      Without having exact numbers in hand, the following is based partly
      upon remarks from the Platform Committee Chair: as compared to past
      Conventions, the Convention passed roughly about 50% more planks in
      much less time than previous conventions. Considering the results
      of the subsequent retention vote, it is fortunate the Platform Team
      had a relatively high productivity. The Convention voted to retain
      the 2006 Platform Committee as a special Committee that will
      continue working until the 2008 Platform Committee is named. Since
      most members are also involved in campaigns for the coming Nov
      election, we plan to resume our work in earnest beginning in Jan

      Retention Vote:
      By now, many of you have heard that over half of the 62 planks from
      the 2004 National Platform were rejected by the 2006 Convention.
      The last word that I heard from the floor was that our 2006
      Convention is expected to contain 17 planks, but my figures seem to
      suggest only 15 survived … Please be patient while the convention
      secretary works to get the info to George Squyres - the Platform
      Special Committee Chair, and for him to get a copy to me & the
      webmaster. Hopefully, the lp.org website will be updated before too

      The decision by the delegates to not retain the full platform was
      unprecedented in the history of the LP. Although their decision may
      seem shocking at first, I believe in hindsight we will all decide
      the overall impact was very positive. While the 2006 Platform will
      have some gaps during the next two years, there are nonetheless real
      benefits to our current situation. For instance, the Committee's
      consolidation work eliminated the verbiage that had been
      misconstrued as saying the LP supports sex services for minors …
      which, of course, we don't.

      Please do not be needlessly alarmed about the notion that the
      platform has been gutted. Yes, there are a few gaps in the 2006
      Platform. However, anyone wanting to know the LP's positions can
      always refer to our Statement of Principles, and consider his/her
      application. All 2006 Platform planks are compliant to the
      Statement of Principles, and contain a section "Solutions" [long
      term vision]. It is in this designated location where our party's
      long term vision is intended to reside. So long as our Statement of
      Principles remains, the platform can never truly be "gutted".

      Yours in Liberty,
      Guy McLendon
      Texas Member to Platform Special Committee
      Convention Handout Information:

      The following planks are recommended to be combined:
      The platform committee also recommends changes to the following

      II.6 Monopolies and II.7 Subsidies merged into "Corporate Welfare,
      Monopolies and Subsidies"
      I.22 Sexual Rights (renamed Sexuality and Gender)

      IV.D.3 Space Exploration, IV.C.3 Unowned Resources, I.12 Property
      Rights merged into "Property Rights"
      I.18 Immigration

      I.2 Crime and I.3 Victimless Crime
      II.2 Taxation [Did not pass Convention]

      III.13 Postal Service and II.9 Public Utilities, with a suggested
      new name of "Government-provided Services"
      II.5 Government Debt

      III.5 Population and I.20 Women's Rights and Abortion merged
      into "Reproductive Rights"
      I.17 Conscription and the Military
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