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Montana RLC candidate wins local election

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    ... Forwarded Message: Subj: [Mountain_West_Freedom_Network] Jerry O Neil for JP Date: 6/28/2006 3:53:27 PM Central Standard Time From: birvin@allidaho.com
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      Subj: [Mountain_West_Freedom_Network] Jerry O'Neil for JP 
      Date: 6/28/2006 3:53:27 PM Central Standard Time
      From: birvin@...
      Reply-to: Mountain_West_Freedom_Network@yahoogroups.com
      I just received a letter from Montana State Senator
      Jerry O'Neil inviting my family and I to a pot luck/
      wiener roast at his home in Columbia Falls.  Jerry is
      celebrating his narrow victory in the recent primary
      election to be a Montana Justice of the Peace.
      Here's the primary election results for one of Montana's
      most successful libertarians:
      CANDIDATE                            VOTES    PERCENT
      Jerry O'Neil                                   4,653          29%
      Mark Sullivan, Attorney at Law      3,932          25%
      Tom Muri, Attorney at Law           3,781          24%
      Lane K. Bennett, Attorney at Law  3,642          23%
      Because Jerry didn't get a majority of the votes, he will again
      face Mark Sullivan in the General Election in November.  The
      Montana Bas Association is doing all that it can to defeat
      Jerry O'Neil because he is not a "certificated attorney," and
      because of his strong libertarian philosophy.  Two of the
      candidate eliminated in the primary election have thrown their
      support behind Sullivan.
      Jerry needs your financial support.  If you wish to help a
      Montana LP officer win another office, please contact
      Jerry at:
      Jerry O'Neil for JP
      985 Walsh Road
      Columbia Falls. MT 59912
      Phone:  406-892-7602
      Fax:  406-892-7603
      BTW, Jerry terms out as a state senator in January, 2007.
      ~ Ben
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      ... Aaron Biterman

      Director of Chapter Development,
      Republican Liberty Caucus USA

      "There is a significant difference between genuine liberty and
      moral fascism. Barry Goldwater understood this; Tom Delay
      does not." Join the Republican LIBERTY Caucus today!
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