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Florida's outreach letter to libertarian economists

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  • Philip Blumel
    Friends, As you may have read in my previous post or elsewhere (I read about it in the European edition of the Wall Street Journal last week), over 500
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2006

      As you may have read in my previous post or elsewhere (I read about
      it in the European edition of the Wall Street Journal last week),
      over 500 economists recently signed on to an open letter about
      immigration that was penned by the explicitly libertarian
      Independent Institute and sent to President Bush and the U.S.
      Congress. I have prepared the following letter which I am mailing to
      all the Florida signatories, which includes RLCer Don Bellante of
      USF. Here's the full list:

      Dominick T. Armentano, University of Hartford (Florida resident)
      Donald M. Bellante, University of South Florida
      Bruce L. Benson, Florida State University
      Joe Calhoun, Florida State University
      David N. Figlio, University of Florida
      James D. Gwartney, Florida State University
      Bradley K. Hobbs, Florida Gulf Coast University
      Randall G. Holcombe, Florida State University
      William F. Marina, Florida Atlantic University
      Robert L. Pennington, University of Central Florida
      Christopher R. Thomas, University of South Florida

      Feel free to lift this wording if you wish to make a similar
      solicitation. Feel free also to alter the Florida version of the
      RLC's Statement of Principles and Positions
      (http://www.rlcfl.org/positions.pdf) for use in your state. Thanks.

      -- Philip Blumel


      June 28, 2006

      Dear Professor X,

      The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida wishes to thank you, as a
      signatory, for the Independent Institute's recent open letter to the
      president and Congress on the subject of immigration.

      Like you, the Republican Liberty Caucus believes that immigration is
      both a great benefit to the individual immigrant and the U.S.
      economy. We favor expanding channels of legal immigration as a
      crucial part of the solution to the problem of illegal immigration
      in this country.

      As an explicitly *libertarian* caucus of the Republican Party, the
      RLC is working to dampen anti-immigrant sentiment and promote the
      positive, Reaganesque view of immigration as a healthy part of our
      American heritage. Because of your stature in your field, your
      letter is a great tool in that effort and we will endeavor to
      distribute your letter widely throughout the GOP.

      Enclosed you will find our Statement of Principles and Positions,
      which includes an application for membership to the RLC. If you
      would like to support us and be kept informed of our intra-party
      efforts to promote the free market and limited government, we would
      be proud to have you join us.

      Thanks again, and if you would like any additional information about
      the RLC of Florida, check out our website at www.rlcfl.org and feel
      free to call me anytime at (561) 254-8458.


      Philip Blumel
      Membership coordinator
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