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Victory for Cox for Metro

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    From: Thomas Cox [mailto:cox4metro@verizon.net] Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 12:15 AM To: aaron@getliberty.org Subject: Victory for Cox for Metro Cox for
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      From: Thomas Cox [mailto:cox4metro@...]
      Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 12:15 AM
      To: aaron@...
      Subject: Victory for Cox for Metro


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      Cox for Metro - We're In the Run-Off!

      Post-election analysis and game plan for November

      Dear Aaron,

      Sorry to keep you hanging for two days, but we're just getting over the election - and the election night party. First, the good news: Tom has made it into the November run-off election.

      Help Tom Win in November

      If you followed the race, you know the results: Tom got 25% of the vote, and will face off against Harrington who got 39%, with the remaining 36% up for grabs. Our statistical team is still analyzing the precinct-by-precinct results, but the early numbers indicate an excellent opportunity for Tom to make huge gains.

      That's because Harrington had unified Democratic backing, and a unified Eco-Green coalition. In fact, they've been grooming her for almost two years to take over from Susan McLain, their long time ally on Metro. The majority of voters, however, who are skeptical of Metro's plans for the region, had three candidates to pick from, and split their votes 25-19-15.

      Now that the field is reduced to two, several things will happen. First, the voters for Young and Christy will have to pick either Tom or his opponent - and Tom is the closest fit for their values. Second, the donors who backed them will have to make the same choice, likely with the same result. And finally, Tom will have over five months to chip away at his opponent's shaky coalition - shaky because she had to run away from her coalition's values and rhetoric in order to appear mainstream. Now she'll have to choose either her fringe supporters or the majority of voters - and will either lose her volunteer and donor base or lose votes.

      ThePortland area cannot wait another four years for Metro to be reformed. And we've never had such a perfect opportunity to put a fiscally responsible candidate with Tom's experience and qualifications onto Metro. The district is right, the time is right, and the candidate is right. Will you help Tom now with a donation?

      Donate $100 USD

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      Your emotional, financial, and volunteer support have been instrumental in our success so far. Tom has gotten two of the four significant newspaper endorsements, and is already attracting renewed attention for his strong finish in the first round of voting. Prominent fiscal conservatives from around the state have pledged their support for the general election. The time to help is now.


      Thomas Cox

      Cox for Metro

      phone: 971-570-4933


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