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RLC Website Redesign

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  • westmiller@aol.com
    ... Essentially, everything. Our basic format hasn t changed in 8 years and we need a host of new services that won t get done with our current
    Message 1 of 2 , May 11, 2006
      steve@... writes:
      > What are you redesigning?

      Essentially, everything. Our basic format hasn't changed
      in 8 years and we need a host of new services that won't
      get done with our current format/resources. All the good
      ideas have never even made it to first base, so I'm just
      going to DO IT.
      My starting point is the work I did on the Draft Sanford
      for President website, which has been abandoned:

      > I've setup a PostNuke site at _http://rlc.wiseburn.net/_

      The problem is that I've been waiting years to get
      volunteers take up the task and get it done. We had
      'decided' on PHP or some 'out-of-the-box' utility, but
      nobody ever followed-up on the work. I don't know
      PHP and *detest* boxed services (you can barely get
      what you want and mods are impossible).
      So, I'd rather work on my own concepts and my
      own priorities and get it done.

      General objective: total DB-driven menus and
      content, so any authorized user can add stories
      and update information.
      Specific features: membership DB on-line, with
      self-editing and lookup/download capabilities; some
      member-only access rights to Liberty Index detail
      and documents/tools resources; a commentary/blog
      utility for user interaction and issues presentation;
      a meet-up utility for local organizing; etc. etc.

      Programming priorities:
      1. Convert Sanford08 form to RLC form, with
      new logo and header;
      2. Log-In utility that's integrated with user and
      administrative privileges ... as well as subscription
      options for 'Liberty Watch' and blog access;
      3. Clean up the story entry and editing pages;
      4. Create a member entry and retrieval routine
      that is integrated with our dues-payment resources
      and state reporting;
      5. Design commentary/blog facilities;
      6. Integrate and standardize the Liberty Index
      and other PAC site resources into the main set;
      7. Design meet-up resources that can be
      controlled and monitored by state/regions.
      8. Etc, etc.

      So, that's the agenda. My primary need will be
      testers for the program as it develops and then a
      lot of help with content entry and news posting.
      Hopefully, somewhere along the way, we'll
      have the volunteer or commercial resources so
      that I can abandon the programming and utility
      Many of these features will relieve my own
      manual burdens and get valuable resources off
      my personal computer. At some point in the
      future, I'd like to be able to push a button to
      turn over everything to a successor, rather
      than having to ship my entire computer. I'm
      not getting any younger and there's to much
      of the essential RLC organizational resources
      in my hands.
      All help and suggestions are welcome, but
      I don't want to hear what *WE* should do first
      and how *WE* should do it, unless the *WE*
      includes the person making the proposals.

    • ragnarokpress
      Just for practice - and as a dry run for redesigning my own blog - I worked up a potential redesign for the RLC website. If nothing else it might be a source
      Message 2 of 2 , May 13, 2006
        Just for practice - and as a dry run for redesigning my own blog - I worked up a potential
        redesign for the RLC website. If nothing else it might be a source of ideas, but if there is
        interest in developing it further that's an option too. Anyone who's interested can check it
        out at http://www.fontcraft.com/rlctest

        It is based on the WordPress engine with custom CSS and PHP templates I designed for it,
        plus a few custom graphics. It has the potential to offer blog-style entries, message
        forums, static articles and reference material, member database information and even
        automated email notification lists, though not all of that is implemented yet. I could also
        interface it with an online shopping system pretty easily so people could join the RLC
        online - something that I think is essential for the future. I also included a small shopping
        section linked through the Amazon affiliate program. Affiliate programs are something
        the RLC ought to be taking advantage of as a fundraising tool.


        BTW, I'm having problems with sending and receiving from the various RLC yahoo groups.
        Anyone else suffering as well?
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