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Re: [RLC-Action] Liberty Pursuits

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  • Chaosrider2004@aol.com
    Perhaps this should be in discuss rather than action , but I m very interested in FSP. I was very disappointed when NH was selected over WY (people don t
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 22, 2006
      Perhaps this should be in "discuss" rather than "action", but I'm very interested in FSP. I was very disappointed when NH was selected over WY (people don't seem to get that population DENSITY, not just population, is what's important in a state), but I'm still interested.
      I haven't been able to find a focussed plan for FSP either. Which is not to say it doesn't exist, but it's not readily available to "outsiders". Specifically, a state focus is necessary, but not sufficient. There needs to be a county focus as well. Last time I looked (admittedly some time back), I found no evidence of that.
      Are there regular monthly or quarterly meetings somewhere in NH where people address the development plans? If so, I'd be interested in going, just to check it out.
      In a message dated 1/22/2006 1:45:25 PM Pacific Standard Time, tim@... writes:
      Perhaps I've gotten cynical in my old age. Of *course* everyone you talk to will agree that they should be free to choose or do what they want. But put that immediate response up against any other need or desire, real or imagined, and the abstracts of "freedom" and "liberty" get extremely short shrift extremely quickly. Of course I wish everyone, everywhere in the world, all the luck in the world in advancing liberty. But I have come to believe that the only way to sell it will be to demonstrate it. And the only way to demonstrate it is to establish a polity where personal freedom and individual rights are not only demanded, but *required*, not requested. Thus, the Free State Project.   ----Tim Condon

      On 1/22/06, westmiller@... <westmiller@...> wrote:
      From: tim condon <tim@...>
      > ... Think about it:  What are most people most
      > concerned about? Housing, clothing ...
      > ... "Freedom" or "liberty" aren't even in the
      > running.

          True, but. All of those desires are  influenced
      by the liberty of each person to chose them. They
      may not recognize the abstract concept, but put
      it in sold, down-to-earth terms and almost everyone
      will agree that *they* ought to be able to make their
      own decisions. E.g.: "Do you want to chose your
      own house, or have one assigned by government?"

          I think we cripple ourselves when we imagine
      that liberty doesn't *work* for common interests.
      An ideal example is Stossel's recent piece on
      education. I don't recall him mentioning "liberty",
      but every sentence lauded consumer choice in
      a competitive environment. We should learn.


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