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    In a message dated 1/15/2006 5:44:24 PM Pacific Standard Time, ... that I can help with! You ve made my point. ============================== If you think so,
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      In a message dated 1/15/2006 5:44:24 PM Pacific Standard Time, jap@... writes:
      >>Great!  I'll look forward to *your* help with those 100 RLC projects.
      >Well, you won't get it... If you want to do some serious strategic planning, that I can help with!
      You've made my point.
      If you think so, that's part of the problem...but we'll get to that!
        You know what they say about, "Too many chiefs". 
      The hard fact is, the answer to my question about a strategic plans shows that there aren't enough chiefs...or at least, sufficiently experienced chiefs.
      And, in any case, I'm not interested in being a chief...more like a consultant!
      Seriously, action without a clear plan in place is a waste of time.
      It can be counter productive, because it can give the ILLUSION of progress (action without focus can do that), when in fact, nothing useful is happening. I don't know that that's the case here, but without a plan and measurement...there's NO WAY TO KNOW
       [When challenging folks to back up words with action, I don't mean to be confrontational or judgmental (I know that time is extremely limited for *all* of us) but, as is the case with most every volunteer organization, it's frustrating when ideas are offered more freely than effort.]
      Effort in the absence of a clear plan is wasted. See above.
      > Is there a strategic plan?
      In a word, YES!  Strategic plans are discussed routinely in our teleconferences and leadership eGroups.  For starters...
      This is a list of tasks. That's not a strategic plan.
      I had something more like this in mind:
      A.  Increase Membership (Top Priority)
          1.  Conduct WSPQ membership outreach tables at every cost effective opportunity.  (I'm doing one later this month here in North Carolina and have assisted Phil in preparing for one the Florida RLC is doing this weekend.  No doubt, you've seen our automated monthly e-posting imploring such activity by *all* of our states in the e-mail entitled "building_a_state_rlc_organization" and no doubt you've seen my periodic offering of graphics files for the RLC WSPQ chart.)
          2.  Membership appeals to mailing lists of allied organizations  (Ongoing)
          3.  "Free Talk Live" Radio Advertisement  (Imminent)
          4.  Website Upgrade  (An enabling objective for Membership Development in that a professional first impression helps attract new members.)
          5.  Newsletter & e-Newsletter  (Ditto)
          6.  Raise RLC visibility through participation in coalition efforts with allied organizations  (Ongoing)
          7.  Membership Renewal Mailings
      B.  Chapter Development  (See "building_a_state_rlc_organization" at http://www.rlc.org/.)
      C.  Campaign Support
          1.  Candidate Research & Endorsements
          2.  Solicited Contributions
          3.  PAC Contributions
          4.  Volunteer Support
      D.  Liberty Index
      E.  Major Donor Fund-Raising
      F.  Advisory Board Cultivation
      G.  Website Promotion  (We've been as high as *third* in a Google search for the keyword "Republican".)
      H.  Maintain RLC eGroups
      I.  National RLC Conference/Retreat Planning
      And then, of course, there are the parallel and additional state-level activities of our various chapters.  Anything strike your [plural] fancy?
      I'm looking for a STRATEGY, not a list of tasks.
      What's most important?
      What gets emphasized first?
      Are the resources up to the task?
      Don't get me wrong, this is a decent list of tasks...but that's not a strategy.
        For further specifics, perhaps Bill will [re-]submit to the e-groups details about the list of "100 RLC projects" he mentioned in a renewed appeal for volunteers.
      > If you can't measure, you don't know that you HAVE done anything. Putting in effort is not the same as getting something done.
      We, *indeed*, measure our progress.  Monthly membership numbers are tracked state-by-state as well as ad-by-ad or event-by-event.
      OK, that's good.
      Is there a graph available of membership over time?
      What's the annual budget of the organization?
      Is there a graph of that over time?
        No doubt, you've seen our postings of state-by-state membership increases and the updates on the fabled Florida vs. New Hampshire membership growth challenge. 
      Actually, I'm very new, and I haven't yet.
      But I'd be interested!
      Quantitative measurements of monies raised, monies contributed to candidates, or conference attendance are similarly available.  Results have been moving in an encouraging direction; still, what we need is *more* progress and for that, what we need is more volunteers.
      If you had 10 volunteers willing to put in 5 hrs/week, what would you have them do?
      If you have 10 donors willing to give $100/month, what would you spend it on?
      A strategic plan should answer this...
      >> The next "organizational development" teleconference is February 13th.
      >... And, most importantly, why do you put organizational development in quotes, perhaps suggesting that that's not a term with a well defined meaning?
      I was referring to our monthly board meeting teleconference at which organizational development is discussed *routinely*.  If you're not on the board nor otherwise on the distribution list for meeting notifications as a state representative but would like to contribute, I suggest you contact Bill.  Positive contributions are *more* than welcome.
      Hmm, well, OK.
      I might be willing to be on the call, depending on when it is.
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