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Re: gun ownership and lower taxes

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  • AULibertarians@aol.com
    Dave Nalle wrote: -- ... -- Hmm. Even ... Aderholt, Robert B (Republican, Alabama District 4) Akin, Todd (Republican, Missouri District 2) Alexander, Rodney
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2006
      Dave Nalle wrote:
      >I mean, just about everyone in the GOP supports gun
      and lower taxes
      Hmm.  Even ...
      Aderholt, Robert B (Republican, Alabama District 4)
      Akin, Todd (Republican, Missouri District 2)
      Alexander, Rodney (Republican, Louisiana District 5) 
      Bachus, Spencer (Republican, Alabama District 6)
      Baker, Richard (Republican, Louisiana District 6)
      Barrett, Gresham (Republican, South Carolina District 3)
      Bass, Charles (Republican, New Hampshire District 2)
      Beauprez, Bob (Republican, Colorado District 7)
      Bennett, Robert F (Republican, Utah Senate)
      Biggert, Judy (Republican, Illinois District 13)
      Bilirakis, Michael (Republican, Florida District 9)
      Blunt, Roy (Republican, Missouri District 7)
      Boehlert, Sherwood (Republican, New York District 24)
      Boehner, John (Republican, Ohio District 8)
      Bond, Christopher S 'Kit' (Republican, Missouri Senate)
      Bonilla, Henry (Republican, Texas District 23)
      Bonner, Jo (Republican, Alabama District 1)
      Bono, Mary (Republican, California District 45)
      Boozman, John (Republican, Arkansas District 3)
      Boustany, Charles W Jr (Republican, Louisiana District 7)
      Brown-Waite, Ginny (Republican, Florida District 5)
      Brownback, Sam (Republican, Kansas Senate)
      Bunning, Jim (Republican, Kentucky Senate)
      Burgess, Michael (Republican, Texas District 26)
      Burns, Conrad (Republican, Montana Senate)
      Burr, Richard (Republican, North Carolina Senate)
      Burton, Dan (Republican, Indiana District 5)
      Buyer, Steve (Republican, Indiana District 4)
      Calvert, Ken (Republican, California District 44)
      Camp, Dave (Republican, Michigan District 4)
      Cannon, Chris (Republican, Utah District 3)
      Cantor, Eric (Republican, Virginia District 7)
      Capito, Shelley Moore (Republican, West Virginia District 2)
      Carter, John (Republican, Texas District 31)
      Chafee, Lincoln D (Republican, Rhode Island Senate)
      Chambliss, Saxby (Republican, Georgia Senate)
      Chocola, Chris (Republican, Indiana District 2)
      Coble, Howard (Republican, North Carolina District 6)
      Cochran, Thad (Republican, Mississippi Senate)
      Cole, Tom (Republican, Oklahoma District 4)
      Coleman, Norm (Republican, Minnesota Senate)
      Collins, Susan M (Republican, Maine Senate)
      Conaway, Mike (Republican, Texas District 11)
      Cornyn, John (Republican, Texas Senate)
      Cox, Christopher (Republican, California District 48)
      Crapo, Mike (Republican, Idaho Senate)
      Crenshaw, Ander (Republican, Florida District 4)
      Cubin, Barbara (Republican, Wyoming District 1)
      Culberson, John (Republican, Texas District 7)
      Cunningham, Randy "Duke" (Republican, California District 50)
      DeLay, Tom (Republican, Texas District 22)
      Dent, Charles Wieder (Republican, Pennsylvania District 15)
      Diaz-Balart, Lincoln (Republican, Florida District 21)
      Diaz-Balart, Mario (Republican, Florida District 25)
      Dole, Elizabeth (Republican, North Carolina Senate)
      Domenici, Pete V (Republican, New Mexico Senate)
      Doolittle, John T (Republican, California District 4)
      Drake, Thelma (Republican, Virginia District 2)
      ... I think you get my point ...

      ... Aaron Biterman
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