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2884Re: Endorsement Texas CD14

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  • westmiller@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2011
      Posted by: "Dave Nalle"
      > ... It's quite possible that like Bob Barr and some others his
      political views are substantially and genuinely different than they were 15 years

      It's also quite possible that some very libertarian people have suppressed
      their expression of liberty ideals in order to be successful in politics.
      I know several people in California that agree with me on nearly every
      issue, but for pragmatic reasons have avoided discussion of them in political
      settings. They have prominent positions in the Republican Party and enjoy
      the social and financial benefits. Perhaps they are now feeling more
      comfortable about expressing their views. Which is why I'm suggesting that
      Truncale, even though "establishment", should be given an opportunity to state his

      BTW: Another LC received in the mail and posted (Virginia 6CD):

      I'd rather NOT be the receptacle for all future LC and Quiz submissions.
      Has anyone modified the documents on the website to show some other mailing
      address than my home?

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