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2858Five Minutes for Debate Inclusion

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  • RLCstatechapters@aol.com
    Jun 8, 2011

      I've been in touch with media outlets in NH and they are feeling the pressure from concerned Americans who want to hear from a variety of Presidential candidates.  It would help if they continued to hear from concerned voters who want to hear from all GOP contenders. 

      Would you take a few minutes of your time today to call the following media outlets to ask that Governor Gary Johnson be included in the CNN/WMUR/NH Union-Leader debate on June 13 in Manchester, NH?

      Some of you may prefer other candidates -- and that's fine.  This is more fundamental: Should the media be permitted to exclude certain candidates from debates using biased criteria?  If so, voters will be exposed to fewer ideas resulting in less choice in primary elections.

      * For WMUR, call 603-669-9999 or email amcdevitt@... and cmelcher@...
      * For the NH Union-Leader, call 603-668-4321 (redirect to the News Room) or email publisher@... and NorthVillageMedia@...
      * For CNN, call 404-827-1500 or text CNN (space) and your news tip

      These outlets have all sorts of excuses as to why Governor Johnson was excluded.  The most basic reply to all of their objections is that a former state Republican governor should automatically gain inclusion.  Additionally, CNN used polling criteria but never included Gary Johnson as a polling option.  Of course he didn't gain 2% in a poll he was not included in.  Finally, the debate organizers invited non-candidates like Donald Trump and Rudolph Giuliani to debate, who did not meet their listed criteria.

      Five minutes of your time would go a long way toward GOP debate fairness.

      Vice Chair, RLC