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2849Open Letter to John Boehner (additional group signers sought)

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  • Dave Nalle
    Dec 7, 2010
      The Republican Liberty Caucus has drafted the following letter to Speaker-elect John Boehner supporting the appointment of Rep. Ron Paul to chair the House Financial Services Subcommittee.  We are inviting other grassroots activist and advocacy groups, both non-partisan and within the Republican party to join us in signing the letter.  Events are moving very quickly, so the sooner we can get interested groups signed on the better.  If you would like to be represented, please send an email to chairman@... and we'll add you to the list of signers.  Thanks.  DN.

      Text of letter:

      Dear Speaker-elect Boehner:

      When word went out last week that you may seek to block Congressman Ron Paul's appointment as Chair of the House Financial Services Subcommittee, grassroots Republicans, Tea Party members and advocates of constitutionally limited government  were alarmed.   The implied message of such an action is one of indifference towards the concerns of those who helped move you into a position of power as Speaker of the House.  We urge you to reconsider.

      The resounding message of November 2nd was not just a referendum on big-spending Democrats. It was also a signal to Republicans who have forgotten the principles of limited government and fiscal restraint on which the party was built. As a matter of ethics and integrity, we see no justification for preventing Congressman Paul from taking a position that he has earned, and for which he is uniquely qualified.

      Congressman Ron Paul has has been an unyielding advocate of transparency, accountability, and fiscally conservative principles.  He has strongly opposed policies that have brought us to the brink of disaster. As Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL) aptly pointed out, "The depth of [Ron Paul's] knowledge on monetary policy, his understanding of it all, is second to none."  His message resonates with the grassroots who will continue to play a large role in the success of the Republican Party as they did in the recent election.

      We are united in our belief that no one would be better qualified than Congressman Paul to head the Financial Services Subcommittee and we hope to see him in that position in January.  It is a position  where he will be able to make  important contributions to our nation's economic policies and move us toward the limited, accountable government voters are demanding.  We strongly urge you to give him that opportunity.

      RLC Chair

      (group signatures)