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2754RE: [RLC-Action] Vote for Liberty in Glen Beck's poll

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  • George Blumel
    Apr 3, 2009

                Glenn Beck is doing a great job of getting people thinking about the issues and mostly from a conservative/libertarian view. The big exception on the list Jeff mentions is the electoral college. Without it being kept as our Founders intended, the populous cities would dominate the presidential elections. All are controlled by the Dems at present and that is because all are big on welfare, government employment and unions.

                 I would differ with Jeff on the so-called Fair Tax in favor of the Flat Tax for two reasons, the first being that it is possible. He other being that it is not fair at all –consider me, a 72-year old who has earned income and paid inc tx on it and then invested it and now pay tax on interest, dividends and cap gains. Under the Fair Tax I would then pay an additional 23% (or so) “fair” tax on what I buy with that twice-thrice-or more taxed money.  Fair?


                My top choices on Glenn’s list are: Term Limits, English s official language (no more ballots in foreign tongues!), Rotate Committee chairmanships (we had that with The Contract but Dems repealed it), No FedGov healthcare, Constitution –and other founding documents-- education (no FedGov educational involvement per Constitution), --I could go on there are several good ones there. 


                What should be on the list : parental choice in education on state, county or city level, not FedGov. Immigration reform –they have an item to secure the borders but we need to open the front door with sensible rules and that will take the pressure off the back door; then anyone coming in the back door can be assumed to be terrorists or druggies and can be shot.  (That is my simplified version.)   0Geo.


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      Subject: [RLC-Action] Vote for Liberty in Glen Beck's poll


      Glenn Beck is offering an unusual opportunity to weigh in in favor of liberty-related issues. His group (now numbering over 400,000 people) is conducting a poll to determine the top ten issues for which it should fight. Unlike most polls of this sort, the options appear to be worded in such a way as to facilitate a valid determination of the distinctions between the voters' opinions.

      See http://912project. com/ and vote for your choices. Remember that only the top 10 vote getters "win" so, by voting for too many options, you are voting against yourself. Examples of my favorites included:

      FAIR TAX

      Jeff Palmer - jap1@peoplepc. com

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