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2576Re: FW: Bob Barr Shows Leadership to Unify Liberty Movement

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  • westmiller@aol.com
    Sep 15, 2008
      George Blumel wrote:
      > The post by McLenden belongs on the LP site ...

      I have warned Guy McLendon about posting solicitations
      for LP projects or campaigns on RLC sites ... but it looks like
      we'll have to put him on moderated mode. We have absolutely
      no responsibility to facilitate any LP objectives.

      But, do note that the RLC has no "litmus test" for becoming
      a member and participating in this forum. We have a distinct
      membership class ("Associate Member") for those who are
      not "affiliated" with the GOP. Those members CANNOT be
      RLC officers or delegates, nor hold any official position in
      the RLC, but they can participate in RLC forums.

      Posted by: "David Johnson"
      > How can we possibly influence the party leadership when it
      > knows we'll roll over and support whatever statist ...

      Be careful about the "we" in this sentence. The RLC does
      not monitor, enforce, nor purge members who cast a ballot
      for non-GOP candidates (nor those who participate in any
      other political party ... ie: "Associates").

      The RLC itself, a different "we", does not ever endorse
      any candidate *in opposition to a formal GOP candidate*,
      but we do - and have - endorsed LP candidates in races
      where there is no GOP nominee. Even if we do not formally
      endorsed an official GOP nominee, *as an organization*
      we implicitly favor GOP candidates over any alternatives.

      The RLC itself *never* contributes to any campaign,
      GOP or otherwise. That function is exclusive to RLCUSA-
      PAC, which is "affiliated with" the RLC, but has a separate
      Board and checking account.

      > ... The attitude of "my party right or wrong" has to go.
      > When the party is wrong we must not be afraid to tell
      > it is wrong.
      That's the whole purpose of the RLC: to advance liberty
      ideals in the GOP ... frequently in direct opposition to the
      party platform and official GOP candidate positions.

      But, in order to work *within* the party, we almost never
      make official RLC statements in opposition to any GOP
      candidate as an individual. Members and officers are free
      to criticize any candidate they please, but *may not do
      so as an official RLC representative* in a public forum.

      RLC-Action is a *private* forum, for members-only, but
      we discourage any kind of personal attacks on anyone,
      candidate or not. Also bear in mind that this forum is
      for activism, NOT for discussion of candidates or issues.
      Queries about RLC policy are welcome.


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