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2575RE: [RLC-Action] FW: Bob Barr Shows Leadership to Unify Liberty Movement

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  • George Blumel
    Sep 15, 2008

      Actions have consequences: if you refuse to support the candidate of your own professed party, then you are indeed enabling the opponent.  McCain was almost surely not the first choice for president of any RLCer. But when it comes down to two, us and them, it is either us or them. Simple.  Now, looking forward, let’s work hard and make sure that next time the primary winner is as libertarian a candidate as possible.  There are some coming up the line and they need our support.  Look at McCain’s advisors –there are some of our people up there notably Steve Forbes. Now let’s drop this discussion and get to work helping McCain-Palin keep Obama bin Biden from appointing to the Supreme Court those who will take away our Constitution completely (among other devastating anti-libertarian actions.).                         -Geo


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      > The misconception that Mr Johnson expresses below needs to be put in

      > perspective. I know of NO RLCer who is "slavish" to anything or
      > much less a political party; no one except Mr Johnson has ever suggested
      > anything like "my party, right or wrong.." We are part of the party,
      > subject to it. We are helping to set the agenda in a libertarian direction
      > and we are succeeding -check out the 2008 Platform and compare it to the
      > 2004 version as one example already. Mr Johnson and some others seem to
      > think that the party sends out directives and we all jump to it. They
      > should get involved and find out how the real world works. We have a lot
      > to do and a long way to go and we don't need this misinformed negativity
      > in our way. Bring your libertarian principles, knowledge and
      > understanding of our Constitutional
      Republic and get busy educating and
      > influencing within the party. That's our purpose and goal. -Geo.

      My "slavish" statement was directed towards the following quote:

      "Anything you do to limit support of the Republican ticket is exactly
      equal to support for the Obama bin Biden ticket."

      I interpret this as meaning I must support whoever the party nominates no
      matter what. I cannot do that. I won't work against McCain, but neither
      can I actively campaign for him. Don't lay a guilt trip on me about
      enabling Obama.

      The only power we have as the RLC is our reputation and our support of
      libertarian candidates. But we lose our reputation when we support
      non-libertarian candidates. Telling us all to shut up and back McCain
      emasculates us. It sending a clear signal to the party leadership that we
      will support anyone they tell us to. We shouldn't be supporting Barr, but
      neither should we be elbowing our way to the front of McCain's
      cheerleading section.

      David Johnson

      p.s. Regarding that original post urging Ron Paul to accept Barr's offer,
      I think it's a silly idea am I am in no way endorsing it.

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