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2567RE: [RLC-Action] FW: Bob Barr Shows Leadership to Unify Liberty Movement

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  • George Blumel
    Sep 14, 2008
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      The post by McLenden belongs on the LP site, not the RLC group.  This is not appropriate for a Republican group. What are you thinking?  Anything you do to limit support of the Republican ticket is exactly equal to support for the Obama bin Biden ticket.  Bob Barr is not showing leadership –he is trying to lead the Ron Paul cultists down the path of opposition to the Republican candidates. Barr-Paul should get together and call themselves the Revanchist ticket. They both are losers in Republican primaries and all they want is revenge for personal reasons and to hell with the Republic!


      The Republican Liberty Caucus is making headway in education and influence within a major party where there is an opportunity to succeed and really make a difference for the future of freedom. Guy McLendon belongs in the LP, not the GOP, for this ultimately pro-Obama idea.   Surely you are aware of his Marxist background and goals.


      Palin, Sanford , Jindal, Hensarling, Flake, Pence and about 50 others (see the Republican Study Committee) are the future of the party –they will instill our libertarian ideals in the government –but they need support. Ron Paul lost.  The fight for liberty goes on…  -Geo.

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      Subject: [RLC-Action] FW: Bob Barr Shows Leadership to Unify Liberty Movement


      There is still an opportunity for Ron Paul to be on the ballot in November 2008.  Please call Ron’s office, and ask him to accept Bob Barr’s offer.


      Guy McLendon


      From: Russ Verney, BobBarr2008. com [mailto:info@ bobbarr2008. com]
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      Subject: Bob Barr Shows Leadership to Unify Liberty Movement


      Bob Barr Shows Leadership to Unify Liberty Movement

      Asks Paul to Run as his Vice President

      Atlanta , GA - Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party nominee for president, has invited GOP Congressman Ron Paul to be his running mate in the upcoming election. In a letter sent to Paul, Barr called Paul one of the "few American patriots" who exist in today's society, and asked him to "seriously consider this final offer as an opportunity to show true, lasting leadership beyond party politics."

      Barr cited Paul's 1987 letter to then-GOP Chairman Frank Fahrenkopf, in which Paul stated that, "after years of trying to work through the Republican Party both in and out of government. . . concluded that efforts must be carried on outside the Republican Party."

      Though recognizing Paul's personal investment in the Republican Party and his recent attempts to reform the party from inside, Barr said he disagreed with Paul's strategy. "Better options remain that will carry a message of liberty onto the ballot in November and beyond," Barr stated, adding at a news conference called today at the National Press Club, that "change in politics and public policy in America cannot and will not be done from within the current, two-party system."

      Barr continued, "'The status quo will not change the status quo' and impact comes entirely from gaining votes in the General Election." That is why Barr said he would remain focused on the Libertarian Party's electoral effort and clear message, and why he invited Paul to join him.

      "While you declined my offer to seek the Libertarian presidential nomination many months ago, I ask that you seriously consider this final offer as an opportunity to show true, lasting leadership beyond party politics," Barr stated in his letter to Paul.

      Barr's running mate, Wayne Allyn Root, expressed support: "As the Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee, I believe in one thing above all else-principle. There can be no compromise on the ideals of limited government, lower taxes, lower spending, and more freedom for the American people. Those are the principles to which I've dedicated my life. The GOP and Democratic candidates only give lip service-at best-to these ideals and principles. It is only an act at election time every four years."

      "I want to end the charade once and for all," Root continued. "I am willing to sacrifice anything to advance the cause of liberty, freedom, smaller government and to enable the American taxpayer to keep more of their own money and property. Understanding Dr. Ron Paul's reputation and name recognition in the freedom movement, I am willing to step aside as Libertarian vice presidential candidate if he would be willing to take my place. I will pledge to work day and night, just as I have as the vice presidential nominee, to support Dr. Paul. I believe this is a wonderful opportunity for the Libertarian and freedom movements. I encourage Dr. Paul to accept Congressman Barr's offer. The campaign is making this offer because we believe there is no sacrifice too large when it comes to improving the lives of the American people and American taxpayers."

      Barr's letter to Paul can be found here.

      Paul's letter to the GOP can be found here.

      Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr represented the 7th District of Georgia in the U. S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003.

      To donate by mail:

      Barr 2008 Presidential Committee
      P.O. Box 725007
      Atlanta , GA 31139

      To donate by phone:

      Call 1-800-Bob-Barr

      Paid for by Barr 2008 Presidential Committee.

      Federal law requires us to report the name, address, and name of employer and occupation for any individual whose aggregate contributions total over $200 in a calendar year. Corporate contributions and gifts from foreign nationals are prohibited. Personal Credit Card gifts only. Contributions are not tax deductible for income tax purposes. Limit of $2,300 per person per election and $4,600 per couple if signed by both parties and drawn on a jointly held bank account.

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