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2028Re: [RLC-Action] RLC and the Ron Paul campaign

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  • Ralph Mullinger
    Aug 1, 2007
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      I like that a lot.  After all the debating as to whether or not the RLC should support Ron Paul, the plain fact is that the RLC needs Ron more than he needs the RLC!  Quite amusing.

      Philip Blumel <pblumel@...> wrote:
      Since the RLC of Florida put a Ron Paul story on its website,
      viewership exploded and, as a result, so has the membership in the
      state Yahoo Group. We also have been signing up new RLC members at
      Ron Paul Meetup groups. All it takes is bringing sign up formms and
      making a small pitch. In Florida, we are suggesting that inactive
      and new Republicans (as many Ron supporters are) use our network to
      get assimilated to GOP libertarian activism.

      Remember that Ron is a former chair of this organization so a news
      story about Ron on your website is not out of line, although the
      story should not be a transparent puff piece as the RLC has not
      endorsed anyone for president. To see how Florida is playing it, see

      Clearly the Ron Paul campaign presents a great marketing opporunity
      for the RLC. Let's take full advantage of it.

      -- Philip Blumel

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