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  • steven s.
    Jan 1, 2007
      Congratulations,  and I hope as an RLC  you can push the Senate Republican's the right way  [abolish minimum wage, don't raise it etc.].

      All housing is going to be a mess and an expense,  BUT an idea that might not initially occur to  you,  is that a lot of people who work in DC  now are living in Baltimore and taking the 1 hr train to  the Capitol Hill area.   Large number of  wonderful  new housing units in Baltimore,  BUT the public school system is the pits.  Living between DC and Baltimore is also practical with the limited stop train.  Maryland politics are also a pain, as  the state is more solidly in the Democratic camp than the deep south ever was ...[Our new governor, who had been mayor of Baltimore  BOASTED that he got public school graduation rates up to 60%!]

      steve,  Baltimore 
      p.s. feel free to e mail me direct for other general thoughts on the area.  I  worked in DC for about 5 years,  and was 'only' living in montgomery County,  but travel was still a bitch.
      jonhenke@... wrote:

      I've accepted a position as New Media Director for the Senate Republicans, and I'll be moving to the DC area soon. Details here.

      http://www.qando. net/details. aspx?Entry= 5169

      Any housing advice is appreciated. With two kids, we need a 3br. Right now, I'm torn between renting or buying, and between living in, e.g., Capitol Hill (high prices, less commute) and living in Alexandria/Arlingto n/etc (lower prices, hellish commute)

      --Jon Henke--
      http://www.qando. net

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