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127Re: [RLC-Action] Roll Call on Intelligence Bill

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  • Dave Nalle
    Dec 9, 2004
      >From what I've seen in the media about this bill, it is presented as
      >an absolute no brainer that anyone would be a fool not to vote for.
      >We have to do a better job of representing our views and vision in
      >the media.

      That's not what I'm picking up from the media at all. I'm getting
      the clear message that it's a compromise bill that no one is entirely
      happy with but which people are going along with reluctantly because
      it's better than nothing and at least satisfies some of the basic
      needs identified by the 9-11 commission.

      Personally, from what I can tell it's fairly meaningless. On the one
      hand it creates the appearance of centralizing administration of
      intelligence, while at the same time merely creating another level of
      ineffective bureaucracy. While I object top any form of government
      growth, it's also usually the case that the more complex and
      redundant the government becomes the less capable it is of actually
      doing anything to oppress us effectively.



      Common Sense for Austin Politics
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