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1203Montana RLC endorsements?

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  • AULibertarians@aol.com
    Jun 1, 2006
      I'd like the RLC national board to please consider the endorsement of
      the following Montana Republican candidates for election or re-election
      this fall:

      Ed Butcher (R)
      Winifred, Montana
      State Representative
      House District 29

      Ed Butcher is the primary mover and shaker behind term limits in
      Montana.  He is also behind the effort to Stop Over Spending (SOS), the
      TABOR-like initiative in Montana,

      Steve Eschenbacher (R)
      Missoula, Montana
      State Representative candidate
      House District 96


      Eschenbacher, 50, said Montana's biggest budget items are prisons and
      schools, “and I don't know if we're getting our money's worth out of
      either of them. Where is the money going?”

      Eschenbacher, whose campaign slogan is “an ordinary man in an
      extraordinary place,” said he has “Libertarian leanings” and prefers as
      little government as possible.

      “But I know government is a fact of life,” he said.

      “I am looking for what is fair and efficient,” he said. “What gets the
      best result for the effort? There's a problem with government when it
      tries to do too much.”

      Eschenbacher said he'll analyze bills and laws for their effect on
      people, for their intrusiveness, and for whether they serve a “real and
      necessary purpose.”

      Some don't, he argues. Government regulates speed limits, even though
      “reasonable and prudent” standards work better and result in fewer
      deaths than specific speed ceilings, he said.

      Violent and predatory criminals need to be locked up, but tossing
      someone in jail for a single marijuana cigarette “doesn't make sense to
      me,” he said.

      “Mostly what I want to do is not criminalize so much behavior, not tell
      people what to do,” he said. “We are just too quick to pass laws when
      education is better.”

      Eschenbacher said he's not proposing big reforms or major changes. He
      also said he's doesn't like political infighting and cross-party

      “If people would just start talking and stop demonizing the other
      side,” governing would be more efficient and focused, he said.

      Twenty years in the Army helped hone that desire for focus, he said. He
      said military people learn to quickly find and study a problem, break
      it down, understand it, and collaborate with lots of people for

      “You learn to accurately define a problem, not what you want it to be,
      but what it is,” he said.

      “If your boss doesn't like it, you have to take whatever he tells you
      to do and adapt it. You work 120 hours a week. You have a job, and you
      get it done.”

      [still excerpted from the news story talking about the GOP primary]
      Both candidates said they can take the time to represent their
      district. Eschenbacher has his own law practice in Hamilton; Minjares
      said she has the blessings of her company.