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1201Re: Endorse Lloyd Doggett's Opponent, PLEASE!

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  • rlcmcallen
    Jun 1, 2006
      There was a time when hardly any district could be won by anyone but a
      Democrat in Texas. The Republicans, the joke goes, could hold their
      convention in a phone booth. But they didn't give up.

      If nobody runs against Lloyd Doggett nobody in his district hearing
      about the election will hear anything to contradict the socialist
      positions he takes. A feisty candidate for liberty, even if he loses,
      has a better chance in the next few months to make a case for liberty
      and get a hearing than he will at any other time. Maybe even he could
      win at a future date. You guys have given up. Why bother with our
      little club?

      This is the reality: There are two candidates. One supports our vision
      for America and the other is a radical left winger. And you don't
      think we should even make a statement as to which is the better
      choice? What harm can that do? So we back a loser. The way it is now,
      we appear not to care. What does that say about us?

      This year we had 5 members running for the state legislature in Texas.
      They all lost in their primaries, but we supported them. They all feel
      I'm sure that if they had just had some more votes they would have
      won, but that is a truism. The fact is they are all good men, and
      deserved party support, but didn't get it. Now to deny even moral
      support to someone running a campaign supporting liberty against a
      real Democrat left winger just doesn't make sense to me.
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