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RE: RE: [RI_Ancestors] Reply to All - Re: Help with Québec Cath olic Records Written in Latin

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  • Lisa Lepore
    I noticed that PRDH did have the same date as you posted earlier. It’s possible that the records do not exist any longer, but were available at the time
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      I noticed that PRDH did have the same date as you posted earlier. It’s possible that the records do not exist any longer, but were available at the time Tanguay did his research.

      One thing I noticed when looking at that database was there were several pages that were torn, so that’s where your information may have been :-( I’m sure if the records are in

      the PRDH, they are as accurate as they can be, but it sure would be great to find the actual records if they are out there.

      Do you belong to the Quebec-research group at rootsweb? Bertrand Desjardins, the project manager belongs to that list.

      You could also just ask him directly if the records exist.


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      Hi Lisa & Mickey, No, I don't think it's you. I couldn't find anything that jumped out as "Bonhomme" either which vexed me no end. I wondered if there was maybe a Latin equivalent to "Bonhomme" but even using Bing translator didn't help me much with that. No "Bonhomme" but, like you, I did keep seeing a lot of what looked to be "Abenaki". Looks like they Brothers/monks were keeping busy spreading the word & doing a good job converting the locals to Catholicism. As for the dates, all I could make sense of were the years and sometimes day/months written in the margins. And I more than agree with your priest friend, Mickey that the penmanship on these records is awful. It's among some of the worst I've seen, topped only, perhaps, by some 1800's Italian military service records I've been trying to decipher for a couple years now; those have horrid penmanship made all the more challenging by having been written on thin paper causing a ton of bleed through. It'll be interesting to see if the Father can eke out some sense from these Sillery records given the poor penmanship. PRDH has been my "go to" default search engine for pre 1800 repertoire. I've not subscribed since I've been able to make do to this point, at least, with what French I remembered from high school, free translation sites & help from a cousin in Manitoba when a record had me stumped by the combo of French & bad writing or other image/visual issues. These Bonhomme b/bapts of mine have got to be there somewhere in those Mission Saint-Joseph-de-Sillery records because they are listed in PRDH as well as Tanguay. I sure Tanguay & the folks on the PRDH crew didn't just imagine these or make them up: Sillery, bapts; Bonhomme, Guillaume as father - 1667, 1672, 1674, 1675, 1677. According to Tanguay these would have been, in numerical order - Guillaume 13 Dec, Joseph 6 Apr, Marguerite-Francoise 30 Jan, Marie-Madeleine 24 Jun & Francois-Hubert 4 Dec. I have yet to explore the rest of this database as I've wanted to but perhaps later this weekend as it's supposed to rain Sun/Mon making any outdoors activities bound to be unpleasantly soggy. Hopefully, I'll eventually find what I'm looking for. At times like this, I wish these records were indexed or at least, there existed a table of contents for each of these digitized films so one didn't have to spend so much time jumping around the images trying to home in on where within the image set, their record might be. But I won't fuss too much as the familysearch.org repertoire images, having been done some 30 yrs or so after the Drouin filmings on Ancestry reflect the advances in filming technology so are superior as well as being free. The rest of the PRDH listings for Guillaume consist of marriages - some for his children, marriage contracts, hospital sick lists & burials. Neither PRDH nor Tanguay have a listing for my ancestor of interest, Agnes. Several unsourced Ancestry trees place her birth/bapt at 21 Jun 1675 Quebec which conflicts with both PRDH & Tanguay & is in error. Several b/bapts for Guillaume's children were listed as "Quebec" in PRDH so I took a look at the record mentioned in those Ancestry trees anyway in hopes that perhaps it was recording a delayed entry for an earlier baptism/ondoie-ondoye of my Agnes however that Agnes listed in the trees as b/bapt 21 Jun 1675 had parents named Ignace Bonhomme & Agnes Morin. A totally different Agnes. Looks like I'll be adding some comments to those trees and/or trying to contact the owners to get the error corrected for all the good that sometimes does w/those tree owners who either are no longer active or just "know" they're right & refuse to make corrections. Linda --- In ri_ancestors@yahoogroups.com <mailto:ri_ancestors%40yahoogroups.com> , <lisa.lepore2@...> wrote: Hi Linda,

      Maybe it’s me, but I don’t see Bonhomme on these pages at all. What I do see are a lot of Native [Abenaki] marriages.

      Also, the dates do not seem to include the dates that you have given in your message below.

      Have you tried PRDH? http://www.genealogie.umontreal.ca/en/leprdh.htm

      Let me know if you find anything there – I have a subscription.



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      Hi Linda,

      I did hear back from Father and he said image 58 mentions Bonhomme. He also said the handwriting is awful but would like a week or so and he will give it his best and get back to me.
      I've marked my calendar and will text him, in a week if I don't hear before, to see how he is doing. Fingers crossed :)


      On 08/27/13, miyukichan0987 wrote:

      First let me say thanks to all who've responded. I was away for a few days with some unplanned business so didn't want to get back into those pesky Latin records until I could have the time to concentrate on it again.

      Like others here, I took a language, French, wayyy back in high school & could remember little of it when I actually needed it after marriage & Hubby & I whould take our equally long ago vacation trips to Old Qu颥c City & Trois Riviere.

      I had to laugh at Lisa's remark about taking Latin for 2 years and remembering little of it. I can really identify with that! Mostly I remember two phrases from class, "Fermer la bouche!" something our high school French teacher uttered at least once a class and I'm dead! - "Je suis mort!", which was mumbled by many in my French class just before a pop quiz.

      Lisa, I took a look at the Family Search Wiki on Latin and saw a couple of the words listed there that I'd encountered in the record I was trying to figure out as well as words similar to those from French & Italian which are Latin derivatives.

      AFGS is a good suggestion, too. I hadn't consider them. The past president, who I've run into up there occasionally, is an ex-Catholic priest(Before anyone comes to the wrong conclusion, he left in order to become a fulltime care giver for an elderly relative)so he must surely have a good grip on the Latin language.

      Now that I'm back home w/tree at hand, I'm going to try exploring this particular digitized film of BMD to 1690 & see if I can get a better understanding of what else might be here besides these Latin records. In the late 1800's Fr. Cyprien Tanguay found these Bonhomme baptisms I'm searching for & published them in his Genealogical Dictionary known now simply as Tanguay so hopefully the records survived into the 20th cent. to be filmed & these, then, are some of them.

      The baptisms I've been hunting were for children of Guillaume Bonhomme & his wife Francoise Guige Huchet. Their daughter Agnes is an ancestor of my husband's great-grandfather Benjamin Poliquin who arrived with his family in Rhode Island from Quebec in the spring of 1885.

      Kim & Mickey and anyone else wants to try out their rusty Latin, this is one of the images I was looking at:

      The person I'm unsuccessfully trying to find here is Joseph Bonhomme b. April 1672(Tanguay V1 pg. 66) https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1942-28022-20826-61?cc=1321742 < https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1942-28022-20826-61?cc=1321742 <https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1942-28022-20826-61?cc=1321742&wc=MMY5-CQC:n397312726> &wc=MMY5-CQC:n397312726 > &wc=MMY5-CQC:n397312726

      This one should have Francois-Herbert Bonhomme who Tanguay says was b/baptized 7 Dec 1677. Though the format looks more like what I'm familiar with, I don't see anything resembling his name:

      https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1971-28022-19626-79?cc=1321742 < https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1971-28022-19626-79?cc=1321742 <https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1971-28022-19626-79?cc=1321742&wc=MMY5-CQC:n397312726> &wc=MMY5-CQC:n397312726 > &wc=MMY5-CQC:n397312726

      I though these images were baptisms - maybe of a group baptized all at once(?) but the format on the earlier one isn't of the type I'm used to seeing in Quebec records. However, it is the first time I've looked at mission records so perhaps the monks/missionaries used a different format from what the parish priests did.



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      > I'm wondering if anyone in the Group who possibly attended a Catholic school or Classical High School in Providence(the only public high school in RI I know of that offers Latin) ever learned any Latin?


      > I'm looking at BMD records from the late 1600's in Qu颥c and they're all in Latin.


      > I'm able to get some of the words using free on line translation sites but other of the words don't translate despite the writing & therefore the words, being pretty legible.


      > The one thing I thought would pop out, the surnames, are eluding me.


      > Can anyone help?


      > Linda


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