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  • Sue Mullane
    Just a small comment.  So happy to hear your all planning on sharing your information.  I do have mine on Ancestry but I also, when appropriate, put copies
    Message 1 of 10 , Aug 18, 2013
      Just a small comment.  So happy to hear your all planning on sharing your information.  I do have mine on Ancestry but I also, when appropriate, put copies of my research in the local county historical society for a particular family.  In the past, some of the best information I have gotten is from volunteers who work in the small county historical societies.  So many wonderful folks out there.

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      I think Sandy works on this Gilson/Jilson family.
      Sandy, do you know of any sources on the Gilson/Jilon family in Groton?

      I am trying to trace Abigail Sarah Blood Parker who married John Jilson/Gilson

      Sarah Blood


      Birth Year:

      Marriage Date:

      Marriage Place:
      New England, United States

      Spouse's Name:
      John Gilson

      Sandy I kind of dropped that Green/Greene line because it just "Boggled " my mind


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      Hi, I agree with all of you, one reason I joined the Alden Society, DAR and
      soon the Mayflower Society was because I was not only supporting a group
      with similar interests, I was preserving my family research for the future.
      In doing my DAR research I found that my Gr.Gr. Aunt had been a member which
      no one in my family knew. Hopefully some gr gr grandniece or nephew will be
      sending thank you's heaven ward to me like I did for my ancestor.

      PS Sue Roe who is active on the MENDON list, has written a wonderful book on
      the Chilson family that may be helpful.

      My line includes descent from Richard KNOWLES b Eng. D. ante 1670
      Eastham,Barnstable,MA his daughter Barbara 1656-1714 married into the Mayo
      family. She is my 6th. gr. Grandmother.

      Sandy from Colorado

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      Subject: [RI_Ancestors] Re: KNOWLES GENEALOGY


      You beat me to the punch. I was making a list of places in RI. I too have
      loads of information on my Jillson family. What made me look twice was when
      someone said dvds can self erase.I plan on having copies of Family tree made
      when I finally give up the search, but the problem is what to do with
      research notes, other information forwarded from other family members,etc. I
      have loads of Jillson names as not yet connected to the main family in Ma
      and RI.

      I keep that information in the hopes someday to connect to other lines not
      yet connected, due to possible altered spelling of name and or no researcher
      researching a line. There is Gilson, Gillson, Jilson, Jillson and I have
      seen Chilson also in older records. In my case barely any research had been
      done on my direct line, because no information is available anywhere that I
      can find.

      Everything I have found has been documented, three ways from Tuesday, there
      are some holes I wish I could fill. Seems this line for reasons did not get
      researched much but for the basics because all died before 1861 except for
      my gr grandfather who we never knew about.

      By the time I found his will written in 1925 in Rhode Island, I had all the
      information that was entered in it and proved the connection to my paternal
      grandfather who always told my father he "had no family" Can only guess what
      that is about....... My father died in 1994 not knowing any of this
      information. My sons are not interested in genealogy right now, but some day
      they may be.At the very least the information is available and they will
      have a much better start then I had.

      I too plan to send copies at least to 2 local Historical Societies.

      Good thought for all of us to think about.


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      , Linda Peloquin wrote:
      > Nancy,
      > The more copies of this information that exist in different places, the
      greater the chance it won't be forever lost at some point in the future.
      > If it were me I would take a couple of steps to preserve this valuable
      compilation of Knowles Family genealogy & history.
      > First & foremost, since genealogy is & has become "big business", I'd copy
      write all the information in order that at some future point some genealogy
      company or individual doesn't come along, take over/hijack/steal the
      information & copy write it themselves and then hold it for "ransom" behind
      a paywall somewhere.
      > This action on your part will insure that control of the information
      remains with you or your assignees since I doubt that your intent for the
      future of this information is for it to be secreted away behind a paywall
      somewhere with some party/entity whose sole interest in it is making a buck
      off the work of yourself and others.
      > How about creating a file & posting it here for starters? Then....
      > I'd next print several copies of the information & spread them around to:
      > Family History Library in Salt Lake - You know they'll keep it safe and
      make multiple copies via microfilm as well as probably add it, at some
      point, to their growing on line databases.
      > New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS), 101 Newbury Street
      > Boston,MA - Another repository that will value the information, safeguard
      it and make sure it's available to researchers although, to keep it free &
      out from behind their paywall on line, if you own the copy write you could
      consider making, as a condition of donation, the requirement that they make
      this information one of their free on line databases.
      > Daughters of the American Revolution - Were any members of these Knowles
      families proved Revolutionary War patriots or does the possibility exist but
      has yet to be proved that they participated in the War? consider donating a
      copy to the DAR Library in Washington, DC.
      > RI Historical Society Library, Hope St, Providence - Diverse collection of
      RI materials.
      > Rhode Island Genealogical Society, Hope (Scituate), RI - They have their
      main collection of materials at the Greenville(Smithfield) Public Library as
      well as holding in public libraries in West Warwick & Portsmouth, RI.
      > RI State Archives although I'm not sure if they take private donations of
      materials but you can always ask.
      > American French Genealogical Society, 78 Earle Street, Woonsocket - They
      concentrate, obviously, on Fre-Can research but they've recently become an
      affiliate of the LDS/FHC so that one can now get FHL films/materials sent
      there for use so maybe they would welcome a copy. Again, you could ask.
      > RI's Family History Center, 1000 Narragansett Parkway, Warwick, RI -
      They've lots of RI related print materials. I don't know what the future of
      the FHCs will be as the LDS digitizes & puts their FHL materials on line but
      I hope the FHCs will always be around because each holds materials unique to
      the area they serve as well has having volunteer staffers who are skilled in
      a variety of research areas & always willing to help new or established
      > Historical Societies - State & local to the various areas these Knowles
      families concentrated.
      > Higher education libraries - Brown University for one and other
      colleges/universities in the areas mentioned in this work where Knowles
      families were concentrated.
      > Public Libraries - especially the ones local to where the various branches
      of the Knowles family were settled.
      > I did make the assumption, since you posted to the Group, that at least
      some of Knowles family were RI'ers hence the suggestions for RI
      > And with respect to the original documents & papers, at some point you'll
      probably be looking for a permanent home for all of it so you'd have to
      decide which repository would have the best resources to preserve the
      information for the future & keep it available to future researchers.
      > Yeah, it could get expensive to spread this file around but then the idea
      is to preserve the information for the future by not keeping all the Knowles
      "eggs" as a lone single copy or in just one repository where a fire or
      natural disaster could wipe it out & to keep it free, from behind a paywall
      so genealogy business interests can't hold it hostage for profit.
      > I'm sure others here can make other suggestions and/or have other ideas
      what to do with this collection of Knowles materials.
      > Linda

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