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RE: [RI_Ancestors] FW: Pension file indexes

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  • Nancy-Jo Nunez
    You re welcome, she s wonderful. ... From: RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com [mailto:RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of finnjordan4@verizon.net Sent:
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      You're welcome, she's wonderful.

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      Subject: Re: [RI_Ancestors] FW: Pension file indexes

      Thank you Nancy! Nice resource!

      On 05/01/13, Nancy-Jo Nunez wrote:

      Hello listers,

      For several years now, I have used a service called RM Cousins Genealogy,

      the owner Peggy is a wonderful woman who pulls files at NARA in DC and mails

      them to you or uploads them to you, you can use a credit card with her or

      money orders etc. I'm not promoting her business, although I love her

      service. Here is a note I'm passing along which might be of interest to all

      of our members.


      Nancy-Jo Nunez

      From: Peggy Reeves [mailto:r.m.cousins@...]

      Sent: Wednesday, May 01, 2013 5:03 PM

      To: Peggy Reeves

      Subject: Pension file indexes

      Here's something you can keep for a quick reference to the various pension

      indexes, and feel free to pass it along to others as you wish.

      Peggy Reeves

      R. M. Cousins Genealogy Service


      From: Peggy Reeves

      To: Peggy Reeves

      Date: Wednesday, May 01, 2013 7:44:04 PM

      Subject: Pension file indexes

      The pension index microfilms that I use at NARA are now scanned and

      available online. There is some overlap of the date ranges, since pensions

      were not all filed at the same time. There will be some 1812 pensions on

      the "Old Wars" index, and some Indian War and Mexican War pensioners on

      later indexes. Beware, though, these are all at the familysearch site,

      which means they were hastily done, often outsourced to a non-English

      speaking country. As with their indexing, the scanning was also done with

      little or no proofreading. I continue to find cards on the NARA microfilm

      that are missing from the FamilySearch scans of the same microfilm.

      All of the pension files noted on these indexes can be scanned from the

      original documents at NARA DC with the exception of the Revolutionary War.

      Those files are on microfilm, and they will not let me make color scans of

      the originals.



      WAR OF 1812 - The FGS volunteers are working to scan the 1812 pensions in

      color and they are being put on Fold3 and are free without a subscription.

      They are alphabetical by last name, but as of May 1, 2013, they are only up

      to "D". Any files that are not yet online can still be copied at NARA DC.


      "OLD WARS" (1815-1926):


      INDIAN WARS (1817 to 1898):




      CIVIL WAR - Besides the soldiers, this also includes Navy pension cards,

      which are difficult to read. The cards turned very dark when they were

      microfilmed, because the person doing the filming had the machine set to

      scan white cards that had the soldiers' pensions and did not adjust the

      machine for the blue sailors' pension cards:


      SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR - The Civil War index (above) is for claims filed up to

      about 1930. It includes many Spanish-American War pension cards. The cards

      look the same as the Civil War, but any veterans of the SA War will have a

      tiny little letter handwritten "s" beside the word "invalid" next to where

      the application number is written.

      NARA actually has three different Civil War pension indexes, but I have

      given the one that you need to use (T288). This one gives the names of the

      widow and/or minor guardian or dependent parent who claimed pension. It

      also gives an "XC" or "C" number that you must have to order the file. Any

      certificate number that has more than six digits must have an "XC" or "C"

      number because it is under a different filing system. There are others

      besides the 7-digit certificate numbers that may also have "XC" or "C"

      numbers. Fold3 has T289 at their site, which is the index that is arranged

      by regiment. It does NOT give the names of the dependents, nor does it give

      the "XC" or "C" numbers. The third pension index that NARA has goes in

      certificate number order, and is only used when it is impossible to read a

      name or part of a number.

      I can do high-resolution full color PDF or TIFF scans from original

      documents for everything except the Revolutionary War. I can still make

      black-and-white paper copies, for anyone who prefers it that way.

      Peggy Reeves

      R. M. Cousins Genealogy Service


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