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  • finnjordan4
    I would feel the same way. I wondered about a close by church. I know Mary Mowry was very active with the Union Meeting House/Church. The one on the corner
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      I would feel the same way.
      I wondered about a close by church. I know Mary Mowry was very active with the Union Meeting House/Church. The one on the corner of Burlingame and Route 5 in
      Smithfield. I know many of the Mowry stones at Union are part of their family too.

      Thanks for all the info on Union Cemetery. I also went out last week and took some pics at a Lincoln Historical Cemetery in someone's backyard.
      It is sad the condition of some of these rest places. Then I stop and think of Italy.....every so many years they dig up the remains to make room
      for more.

      My husband is going to start working with the RI Historical Cemetery group from Smithfield; cleaning cemeteries and repairing stones. So far as I can see they
      are a good responsive group.
      Okay, off to do more research for myself. For the time I spend and what I end up with, I think I should change to a different line in the family....not much luck
      looking for my Rachel and Nelson (birth and marriage). I will check out if Greenville Library has access to some data base of microfilms that may contain
      a hint in Foster and/or Kent. If not, off to RIHS sometime.

      On 04/30/13, mjbarnett23@... wrote:

      Hi Mickey,

      Yes those Aldrich stones are recorded, it is Called Union Cemetery Annex it encompasses 3 burial grounds.

      Union Cemetery [NS007]

      Old Aldrich Burial Ground [NS031]

      Old Town Burial Ground [NS036]

      This area does not belong to the Union Cemetery Corporation.

      It is difficult to determine which stones belong to which cemetery. This "Annex" consists of row upon row of stones with only a few family plots listed. There are 209 burials with 135 inscriptions from 1807 to 1992 and 206 have been recorded by the RI Historical Cemetery

      transcriptions. "Someone is working on it"

      Across the street from there is a Friends Meeting house, looks like a white church, on the south side of the house is a large burial place for Friends burials.

      Location: northeast of Great Rd. Directly across from Union Cemetery (N. Smithfield), and adjacent to Quaker meeting house, which is still in use. Congregation dates to 1719.

      99 burials with 59 inscriptions from 1795 to 1909

      [Number of burials recorded is actual number of identified graves. There are an estimated 150 additional unmarked graves.]

      I have given thought to my Luke and Elizabeth being buried there without a marker. It was and still is very common for Quakers not to have grave stones. I have been to a cemetery in Maine for Quakers where there was a whole hill edged with white stones and only one

      large grave stone in the center with no inscription on it. I have to say I felt an eeriness, when I was there.


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      > Mary, I took my first trip to Union Cemetery today. As many times as I have driven past it I never knew that was the name.

      > I took some pictures for someone that is searching their family roots and then I strayed off into the woods. There are, I would have to say, more than 20, maybe more than 30 markers/stones in the woods. So many Aldrich stones. It does appear (and I'm guessing it's Boy Scouts) that there is some attempt to clean/clear some of the area. Needs lots of work. I don't know, but I sure hope, someone has recorded the many different stones out there.

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