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  • Nancy-Jo Nunez
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      Hi Sandy,

      Not sure if I mentioned this before but if you were to go to:


      there are some very interesting and often informative things that Diane posts. She has some info on the Bennett's that may be helpful.

      If you want to email her I am sure she would be of help to you.


      Good Luck!


      On 03/28/13, Sandy Johansen wrote:

      the exercise just proved to me that the many Benjamin Bennetts I'd found in

      Pawtucket directories are are NOT my Benjamin K Bennett. LOL But at least

      I can skip them in my continued searches. Why was Benjamin so popular a

      name for heavens sake!

      The Pawtucket Benjamins seem to be from these lines of Bennetts:

      Daniel E Bennett m Mercy Bennett Simmons

      Pvt. Benjamin Bennett m. Patience Phillips, Foster, RI

      Benjamin Bennett, Jr. b c 1789 m.Freelove Hopkins, Foster, RI

      Benjamin Bennett III b c.1815 m. Mehitable Marchant Pawtucket, RI

      their son Aaron Parker Bennett b 1842, m. Saraphene Humes, Pawtucket RI

      their son Benjamin Aaron Bennett b.1884 Pawtucket, RI m Nellie C. Mowrey

      Another line of Benjamins comes from Job Borden Bennett and Almira Jenckes

      their son Benjamin I. Bennett m. Phebe Victoria Douglas in Pawtucket, RI

      son Benjamin Issac Bennett m. Mary Eliza james

      son Benjamin Burrill Bennett m. Ethel Lydia Horton in Taunton,Bristol,


      son Benjamin Burrill Jr.b c. 1925 m. Meredith Randlett

      Kind Regards,

      Sandy From Colorado

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      Subject: [RI_Ancestors] Re: New file uploaded to RI_Ancestors


      Wow, you hit the jackpot on Bennetts in that directory. Are any your

      Benjamin K. Or like me everyone, but the one you want.

      Thanks for posting.


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      > Hello,


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      > group.


      > File : /Pawtucket Dir. Bennetts by year[1].xlsx

      > Uploaded by : jenny_ologist <jenny_ologist@...>

      > Description : Bennett's in Pawtucket, RI Directories


      > You can access this file at the URL:





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      > l

      > Regards,


      > jenny_ologist <jenny_ologist@...>


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