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  • Richard Baker
    My 7th g-grandfather, Rev. Thomas Baker, was the first pastor (about 1710) of the Six Principle Baptist church in NK. He is also Bonnie Weber s ancestor.
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      My 7th g-grandfather, Rev. Thomas Baker, was the first pastor (about 1710)
      of the Six Principle Baptist church in NK. He is also Bonnie Weber's
      ancestor. Richard Knight wrote the book "History of the General or Six
      Principle Baptists in Europe and America." (1727). It was re-published by
      Arno Press in 1827.

      Richard Baker

      Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


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      Subject: [RI_Ancestors] SIX PRINCIPLE BAPTISTS

      Many of the first Baptist churches formed in RI were Six-Principle Baptist
      Churches because of the 6 principles (see below) it is based upon. Maple
      Root in Coventry and Stony Lane in NK were among them!


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      From: Scott Bill Hirst
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      Subject: RE: Re: RE: RE: [RI_Ancestors] Foster, Scituate, Providence

      I do not know anything about the Six Principle Baptist Church denomination
      but they had a church in Wyoming section of Richmond years ago. The building
      is used for a church but not for that denomination. It is where three
      different parts of the Wood River Cemetery is on Route#3 in Richmond. SBH.

      Scott Bill Hirst

      20 Maple Court

      Ashaway,RI 02804-1300 USA

      (401)377-4643/Cell: Quick Response Needed (401)450-6230

      Note:Telephone if you need quick reply.

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      Subject: RE: Re: RE: RE: [RI_Ancestors] Foster, Scituate, Providence
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      Date: Thursday, March 28, 2013, 11:33 AM

      Hi Mickie,

      This certainly looks like Benjamin's wives! Your message reminded me that
      when I was looking through

      my old mail for Scituate reservoir information, I found some information
      about Elder Richard Knight in RI

      who was a Six Principle Baptist minister. His name jumped out when I was
      reading, but it may just be a coincidence.

      If Julia was Baptist, maybe there are church records for Northampton area.

      In 2004, this information was posted to the RI list by Laurie4756@...


      An Historical Address delivered in Scituate, R. I., July 4, 1876, at the
      request of the Town Authorities, by C. C. Beaman Phenix: Capron & Campbell,
      Steam Book & Job Printers, 1877.

      "The Six Principle Baptist Church, according to a sermon of Richard Knight,
      one of their elders, preached in 1727, was constituted in 1725, received a
      grant of an acre of land and built a meeting house upon it, reserving a part
      of the land for a burial place. This was about the centre of town. In
      August, 1827, Samuel Fiske was ordained pastor, and Benjamin Fiske, deacon
      of the society. The services were performed by Elders Brown, Morse and
      Martin. James Colvin was ordained colleague with Elder Fiske about 1738.
      Elder Colvin died in 1755, and the church was without a pastor until July 8,
      1762, when Reuben Hopkins was ordained elder, and the church prospered under
      the able and useful ministry of their 'nourishing pastor'. A reformation
      commenced and continued several years, and numbers were added to the church.
      In 1821 they built a new and larger meeting-house on the same spot, which is
      still standing and in use.

      Elder Jacques is the present preacher and the meetings are regularly held.
      This church and ministry has doubtless exerted a very great and beneficial
      influence upon the town."

      Unfortunately, the link here is no longer active.


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      Subject: Re: Re: RE: RE: [RI_Ancestors] Foster, Scituate, Providence


      Also I wanted to mention, and it may mean nothing...

      James Arnold Collection

      Vol. 11

      Page 208

      Bennett, Julia, letter

      January 1, 1859


      (First Baptist Church Westerly)


      Vol. 11

      Page 481

      Bennett, Minnie M.

      by profession

      September 13, 1885

      M.E. Church East Greenwich



      On 03/26/13, SANDY JOHANSEN wrote:

      Hi all friends and helpful genealogists on this group. I so appreciate your
      advice and help but don't want you to waste good genealogy research time on
      my hard problem needlessly.

      I thought that Slatersville might be part of Smithfield so that is
      confirmed, thank you.

      Francis H Benentt, aka Frank, is my proven great grandfather. A search in
      Franklin town hall led me to Blackstone as his birth place and I was able to
      get his birth record from them which is how I knew his parents were Benjamin
      K and Julia. Actually on the birth records it looks like Benjamin N but
      other records confirm the K.

      I sent away for Benjamin K Bennetts' civil war pension file and that
      confirmed that his wife was Julia with last name Carroll or Carl depending
      on the record you look at. Benjamin K married again after Julia died to
      Minnie Wales from Franklin. The file also confirms names of all his

      Records are consistent in saying that Julia was Irish and born in
      Northampton. Since they are all Mass records, and none indicate a state
      after Northampton, I'm focusing on Northampton Mass. I thought I'd found her
      family there but after hiring a pro researcher in Northampton, I'm back at
      square one. She was unable to find a birth record. Census research confirmed
      that the Irish Julia CARYLE in the 1850 census out there was part of a
      family that changed the spelling of their surname to CAHILL and are found in
      later censuses. Their daughter Julia lived and died in Hampshire county. I
      have her Woonsocket death record which says mothers name was CARL and that
      she was Irish. Don't know where she was buried.

      I have traced all of Benjamin and Julia's children. I have traced all of
      Benjamin and Elsie's five known children too. All that I know is on Ancestry
      so a search for Benjamin Knight Bennett would let you see what I have found
      to date and the records supporting it.

      The Knight Bennett marriage you mention is very tempting but not proven to
      link into my line yet. Also very tempting is a Fold3 Revolutionary War
      pension file, for Benjamin Bennett from Sudbury/Fitzwilliam NH filed by his
      wife nee Elizabeth KNIGHT Bennett. That couple had a son Benjamin too! He
      was supposedly living in Boston at the time the pension application was
      filed so I've tracked Boston Bennett too but nothing is concrete. I had my
      brother do a dna test and he does not match the Bennett line from
      Ipswich/Sudbury area so that is probably not our line.

      I now collect border town Bennetts and put them together into family groups
      as the records are found and post on Ancestry in hopes someday I'll find a
      "cousin" with the missing link. If anyone needs info on a BENNETT just ask,
      i've probably got them. :-)

      Kind Regards,

      Sandy from Colorado


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      Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 7:28 AM

      Subject: Re: RE: RE: [RI_Ancestors] Foster, Scituate, Providence

      Hi Sandy and Mary,

      You mention one record states Slatersville and another mentions Smithfield.
      Slatersville, as mentioned in Smithfield's history was considered

      a village in old Smithfield.

      A few pages in there is a map shaded with what the Smithfield area was in
      1770 (?).

      Sandy, more to your crew: Family Search shows Francis H Bennett b:07 Feb
      1856 Blackstone MA

      fa: Benjamin b Smithfield; mo:Julia b Northampton. Is that Northampton
      Connecticut or New Hampshire? Do you know?

      Also, in the James N. Arnold Collection, Vol. 2, Providence County, Cranston
      section for marriages, pg 7, I'm wondering if the parents of

      your Benjamin Knight Bennett are:

      "1-325 Bennett Robert of Benjamin of Scituate, and Martha Knight of Lieut
      Jonathan of Cranston; m. by William Burton, Justice, April 8, 1770."

      Just trying to get some footing in case I come across documents for your
      Benjamin that mention parents.


      On 03/25/13, Sandy Johansen wrote:

      I sure appreciate the offer! I have been stuck for a number of years on my
      dad's g grandfather. His name was Benjamin Knight Bennett. He was born in RI
      if you believe all the census records; one child?s birth claims
      Slatersville, and another Smithfield. I found his obituary and death
      certificate which says he was born about May 18th, 1830. I have never been
      able to find a birth record for him or a marriage record to Julia Carl. It
      was a good exercise for me to put this information together in one place.
      Maybe it will spark a thought in your mind that could help.

      Julia Bennett died in Woonsocket 20 May 1876, her death cert was found,
      parents listed as "Irish", mothers name CARL. It would seem likely that he
      married in Woonsocket or Blackstone sometime Jan to August 1850. In the
      census Julia was only 16 on Aug.9, 1850, and the box for "married within the
      year" is checked. They don't show up in the Woonsocket records for that time
      period. Interestingly they are living with a single head of household female
      "Elcy" Bennett. She may be Elsie Robinson. His obituary says Benjamin?s
      parents are Benjamin and Elsie Robinson Bennett of Bristol, R.I. My known
      Benjamin K Bennett married Minnie Wales from Franklin in Sept. 1880 as his
      second wife but I?m descended from Julia.

      Here is what I know:

      1850 census found in the household of Asa Kelly in Blackstone, along with
      his new bride Julia. {married within the year}1850; Census Place:
      Blackstone, Worcester, Massachusetts; Roll: M432_345; Page: 351B; Image:

      1855 -1856 still in Blackstone

      1860 living in Milford, MA with his family working in shoe industry there.

      1862 drafted for Civil War from Milford {I have his pension file}

      1865 Mass census living in Bellingham

      1870 working in Blackstone

      1880 living with son Frank in Woonsocket

      1884-on living in Franklin, MA with second wife Minnie (Manerva) Wales

      1905 dies Franklin (at his daughters in S. Bellingham)


      Benjamin K Bennett, resident of Franklin, died at home of daughter Mrs.
      George A Freeman at Crooks Corner in South Bellingham, Ma. [Mrs] Ruth
      Freeman was the informant on the death record. He died at age 74yr, 7 mos.,
      18 days and was born in Smithfield, RI and a resident of Franklin for many
      years in the Unionville section.

      I will warn you, there are a number of Benjamin Bennett?s in the area! I
      have tracked as many of them as I can in my tree in Ancestry hoping someone
      would link up with me to do research on these folks. Have had a bit of luck
      with that so until I can get to the town offices in that area, I'm staying
      stuck I think for a birth or marriage. I?d love to go back past 1830 but
      it?s tough not knowing his parents.

      Kind Regards,

      Sandy Bennett Johansen

      Denver, CO

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      To: mailto:RI_Ancestors%40yahoogroups.com

      Subject: Re: RE: [RI_Ancestors] Foster, Scituate, Providence

      Love this researching. If you are in Colorado is there anything here in
      Rhode Island I can help with/footwork?

      On 03/25/13, Sandy Johansen wrote:

      Great sleuthing Mickey, I personally love reading of others successes and
      the steps it took because it helps me not give up and gives ideas of things
      to try in my own research.

      Sandy from Colorado

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      Subject: [RI_Ancestors] Foster, Scituate, Providence

      Thank you Lisa, and let me first say, I agree with Sandy from Colorado, you
      are a great help!

      I am looking for a record of birth for a Rachel Andrews b: Jan. 8 1822. I
      was actually sitting in Coventry Town Hall looking for a record of

      my husbands gr gr grandfather (Nelson Jordan) because different (notations)
      list him from Coventry/Kent/Prov. I've also been to WWrwk but

      now have a better idea of what I'm looking for and should go back to all of
      these again. Anyway, one thing led to another and I went to

      Foster Town Hall because one of the Census put Nelson in a household of
      Jeremiah Andrews in Foster RI with 2 yr old Erwin (my husband's gg). At

      first I believed Roby Costele was Erwin's mo. She too was in Jeremiah's
      household under her maiden name and later appeared as Roby Jordan in later

      Census' in Connecticut.

      Through Family Search, years later when Erwin was head of household, I
      pulled Roby to the top subject and her relationship to head of household was

      step-mother. Wow. Long story short, and it is only a written line in
      Killingly Town Hall, Rachel Jordan, wife of Nelson Jordan, d:Jan 12, 1850,
      age 28.

      I since got a certificate of death for Erwin and his mother is listed as
      Rachel Andrews, Foster, RI.

      I have been up to the Bartlett Cemetary in Connecticut and found the three
      graves, next to one another, Rachel Jordan, Reverend Nelson Jordan and

      Roby Jordan. The CT GenWeb for Windham County has all three listed but
      states Nelson's date of death as April 21, 1856. He appears in the 1880

      and I have his death as April 21, 1886. (I just sent an email to them.)

      Too much info? With a birthdate in 1822 maybe I should now go back to Foster
      looking for Rachel Andrews. I still can't find Nelson Jordan recorded any

      place yet either. Some Census has him as Nilson; typo.

      Thanks Lisa!


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