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They Left Rhode Island

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  • Nancy-Jo
    Sorry if this comes throug as a duplicate, I sent it to a RI list but am unsure it s the right one so I came to the page. Hope this helps someone. Hello all,
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      Sorry if this comes throug as a duplicate, I sent it to a RI list but am unsure it's the right one so I came to the page. Hope this helps someone.

      Hello all,
      I'm sending this through as I found one of my ancestors after learning he and his family left Rhode Island in the late 1700s. I had received this information in 2001 and as I continue to organize my paper trails, this might help someone:
      From "Membership Records of Seventh Day Baptists of Central New York State 1797-1940s
      By Ilou M. Sanford"
      Heritage Books, Inc.

      The Brookfield Group
      Madison and Otsego Co.'s

      First Brookfield 1797- also called Leonardsville, Madison Co.
      Second Brookfield 1823-c1987 Madison County
      Thrid Brookfield 1823-1942 also called West Edmeston, Otsego County (In 1990 First and Second Brookfield merged)

      Manual of the First Seventh Day Baptist Church of Brookfield, NY 1883
      The Committee in Behalf of the Church, Brookfield, NY:
      H. L. Spooner & Son, Printer 1883
      MS 19x.9 B file: Brookfield, page 13-27

      Constituent Members – October 3, 1797

      Elder Henry Clarke
      Dea. William Davis
      Luke Saunders
      Joshua Maxson
      James Crandall
      Benjamin Davis
      Samuel Greenman
      Clark Maxson
      James Wamsly**(one I was researching)
      Elisha Burdick
      John Davis
      Weden Witter
      Anna Davis
      Elizabeth Burdick
      Judith Maxson
      Hannah Maxson w/o Paul
      Hannah Maxson
      Nancy Maxson
      Caty Clarke

      Other Members
      Nathan Greenman
      William G. Greenman
      Nathan Stillman
      Ethan Clarke
      Joseph Clarke
      Nathan Clarke
      Jared Clarke
      Perry Maxson, Jr.
      Amos Saterly
      Joshua Coon
      Saunders Langworthy
      Benjamin Wigden
      Jonathan Potter
      Sylvanus Greenman
      Joshua Wells
      William Bliss Wells
      Dea. Phineas Burdick
      Peter Wells
      Stephen Clarke, Jr.
      Joshua Davis
      William Franklin
      Sylvester Crumb, Jr.
      Benjamin Colgrove
      Reynolds Greenman
      Susanna Crandall
      Dorcas Saunders
      Phebe Whitford
      Sarah Clarke
      Thankful Maxson
      Anna Maxson
      Rhoda Coon
      Susanna Clarke
      Susanna Crumb
      Hannah Clarke
      Lydia Davis
      Susanna Maxson
      Phebe Clarke
      Hannah Stillman
      Sabrina Greenman
      Lydia Burdick
      Eunice Dye
      Thankful Crandall
      Martha Potter
      Polly Burdick
      Eunice Satterly
      Elizabeth Crandall
      Prudence Stillman
      Mary Wigden

      Churches - The First seventh day Baptist Church of Brookfield. In the early settlement of the town of Brookfield, many Seventh-Day Baptists came from Rhode Island, Connecticut and Petersburg, Rensselaer county, NY, and in July 1797, met and appointed a committee to draft articles of faith and covenant. In compliance with previous arrangements, deacons and brethren from the Church of Hopkinton, RI, and Petersburg, NY, and after full examination and consultation, they organized into a Church of fellowship in the denomination, under the name of the First Sabbatarian Baptist Church of Christ in Brookfield; Henry Clarke, Wm. Davis, Luke Saunders, Joshua Maxson, Paul Maxson, James Crandall, Benjamin Davis, Samuel Greenman, Esliha Burdick, Clark Maxson, John Davis, James Wamsley, …etc.
      The church then made choice of Henry Clarke for pastor, and William Davis for deacon; and on the 16th of the month, ministers and decons came from other churches and ordained them. At the first church meeting held, November 23, 1797, they chose Clark Maxson, clerk of the church. This was the first church in the town, and the third in the country.

      Hope this helps someone.

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