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Daughters of the American Revolution

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  • Dee Kermode
    Regarding the D.A.R.,I have read all the comments and agree with some and am dismayed with others. Remember the phrase, Education, Preservation and
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      Regarding the D.A.R.,I have read all the comments and agree with some and am
      dismayed with others. Remember the phrase, "Education, Preservation and
      Genealogy" and also "Home, God and Country".

      My background in DAR is that I am a past regent (president), past vice
      regent, treasurer, etc. I have served the State Society as National Defense
      Chairman, Vice Chairman of Schools Committee, State Music Director and State
      Choir Director. I have also been State President of the Cameo Society,
      which was set up for mothers/daughters or grandmothers/granddaughters who
      are members at the same time.

      Now, we also have been slammed by the economy but as in all organizations,
      there are those that can contribute more and those who cannot...just like
      church. The D.A.R. (notice the periods) works hand in hand with the S.A.R.
      (Sons of the American Revolution) to sponsor and nurture the C.A.R. (guess?)
      ...Children of the American Revolution. See a pattern here?

      Speaking of children, we sponsor the American History and Christopher
      Columbus Essay contests for scholarships. We have the 'Junior American
      Citizens' within our organization that encourages elementary aged children
      to know the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America
      (the correct title) and give them their own 'club' in their classroom. We
      present the D.A.R. JROTC medals to seniors of high school and college who
      represent the ideals of honor within God, Home and Country. We also present
      Good Citizenship medals to students from 5th through 11th grades. We
      sponsor the Good Citizen essay contest, also for scholarship. While I am at
      it, please remember when you recite the nation's pledge, there is NO comma
      between 'Nation' and "Under God"... it is "one nation under God".

      For the National Society, I have sung in the National Choir, helped on the
      Congressional Committee that puts on our national conference called the
      Continental Congress. I have sat at my home computer and indexed for hours,
      national applications for future genealogy use.

      When I joined DAR, it took two years to get applications approved. With the
      help of various committees and project, we have digitized most of the
      records and many of the books in the DAR Library so now it takes a matter of
      weeks. One can also go on-line to the www.dar.org site and FOR FREE look
      up the records that are digitized. One can go to this same site and learn
      what the D.A.R. stands for in terms of giving back to the community.

      I am so proud to be a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
      The core values are Education, Preservation and Genealogy. We save box tops
      and Betty Crocker coupons off products that we buy anyway. That doesn't
      cost us anymore than bringing them to a meeting. It seems like a little,
      even 'hokey' thing to do until you find that through our collaborative
      efforts, we have provided several vans for some of the residential
      facilities that are around the country.

      We have made helmet liners for the troops in the Middle East. We made
      neckerchiefs that hold the little water keeping balls that can be frozen for
      those that are in the heat to prevent heat stroke. We get letters back from
      the troops that speak of the appreciation. Members donate their time at
      Veterans homes and stand and wait at airports to welcome our troops home.
      One year we 'adopted' the aircraft carrier, The John Stennis as part of our
      "Project Patriot". We have a room at Landstuhl Air Force Base that when a
      solider/sailor/marine has been injured and his or her belongings have not
      caught up to them, we say, "Here's a duffel, fill it up" ...with clothes and
      personal items until his or hers gets there.

      We collected pennies to help with the restoration of the Pearl Harbor

      The D.A.R. owns and operated two schools, one in Alabama and one in South
      Carolina. These were started in the early 1900s for local students who
      could not afford to go away from home to school. These were disadvantaged
      areas. We also support several colleges, Indian Schools and other schools
      that without our help could not provide the services they do or maybe not
      stay in 'business'. Many of our members help with tutoring programs for
      adults and others help with preparation of students to take the GED.

      Our D.A.R. museum has over 30,000 items that have been donated from all
      aspects of life. Right now, one of the premier collections is the
      Pre-Industrial era in our country. These donations come from everywhere but
      it's up to the D.A.R. members to help preserve them. When I was Regent, we
      helped preserve some ancient artifacts to the tune of less that $50. Those
      pennies add up.

      Our D.A.R. Library is one of the top-notch Genealogy Libraries in the world.
      Not only do we have books, but also microfilms and computer digitized
      records. D.A.R. members plant trees for Arbor Day; preserve local landmarks
      that are historic.

      There are so many things that members can do to preserve our great country.
      While we are not 'political', we take seriously the freedoms we have in this
      country and we remind people to vote every 4 years. Our motto is God, Home
      and Country" and, again, I am so proud to be a part of this group.

      I don't have extra money for every little thing that comes along. I send in
      maybe $5 to projects that the administration would like $40 or more. I just
      do what I can when I can. I worked too hard to become a member and yes our
      dues have gone up. However, the amount of $$ that we have to pay certified
      genealogists to verify the applications has also gone up and we need their
      services to assure the public that our records are correct.

      Be thankful I have a meeting to go to or I might still be expounding the
      virtues of D.A.R. membership. We are 170,000 women strong and belong to an
      organization whose National Headquarters is at 1776 D Street, Washington DC.
      These buildings are the only buildings built, paid for and maintained solely
      by women...in the world. The original members collected PENNIES and did all
      this. We have to keep it up!

      I am so sorry some have had a bad experience with DAR. You can get
      re-instated or become a Member at Large. Check into it....and visit the
      library and buildings when you are in our nation's capital. They are

      Dee Kermode

      Honorary Regent for Life

      Osceola Chapter NSDAR, Bradenton, FL

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