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  • VaGreen100@aol.com
    I have been a member of the DAR more than 25 years. I ve also been an officer of my chapter for much of those 25 years. While it is not a requirement that one
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2012
      I have been a member of the DAR more than 25 years. I've also been an
      officer of my chapter for much of those 25 years.

      While it is not a requirement that one visit a chapter before beginning the
      application process, I advise prospective members to do so.

      And while I think my chapter is the very best, other chapters in the area
      may be a better fit for the prospective member. Meeting times, types of
      projects or lack of projects, the other members, location of the meeting can
      make a difference.

      DAR members join for many reasons. Some join because they want to be
      active in the chapter - and DAR has leadership roles just like other
      organizations - in some cases they just have different titles - Regent instead of
      President or Chairman. Some join because they want to research their family
      history. Some join because some family member or friend encouraged them to
      do so. My chapter has members that I would not recognize if I met them on
      the street, because to my knowledge they have never attended a chapter
      meeting since I have been a member, but they faithfully pay their dues.

      I joined the DAR all those years ago because I was interested in history
      and in my ancestors. I also thought my sons should know something about
      their families as we're now far removed from the areas where our families lived
      for generations.

      Some groups, not just DAR, keep their local dues low, but then take up
      collections for everything as was this member's experience. I personally am
      against such practice, as it meets those who come to the meetings get nickel
      and dime to death and end up paying far more than if they raised the local
      groups dues $5.00.

      Virginia Green

      In a message dated 4/30/2012 11:14:06 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      miyukichan0987@... writes:


      I don't know about the SAR but the DAR chapters around here do have
      meetings & some activities.

      I did finally, after several years' research, collect all the documents
      needed to join DAR via one of my 5th great-grandfathers.

      Joining DAR wasn't cheap or at least not cheap for us. By that point,
      the Recession had gotten us, body slammed us & had us pinned to the mat
      where, unfortunately, we still remain :( but I'd worked so long & hard by that
      point, come he** or high water, I was going to join. And though I
      shouldn't have, I held out a little bit from any pay I got from temp or per diem
      work, coupon savings, loose change, etc. until I had enough to apply for

      For a year, I was officially a member of the DAR. However, I soon
      learned, DAR isn't for us poor folks. My first meeting, I had $5 for the week in
      my wallet. When I left, I had whatever spare change was floating around in
      the bottom of my pocketbook.

      When the first collection came round, I was in a panic trying to do the
      quick math in my head to see how much I could put in & still have enough for
      a gal or two of gas if I needed it. And I was mortified as I tried to
      "palm" the two 1 dollar bills I was putting in the basket of $5 & $10's so
      the woman to either side of me wouldn't see how little I was putting in.
      Then came the second $ collection & I was sunk :(

      I don't know if I just had the poor luck to affiliate with a Chapter that
      collects for everything or if all Chapters in my area are like that but I
      learned at the first meeting that my Chapter, anyway, has a standard
      collection for the Chapter's sundry expenses as well as occasional collections of
      $ for cards & memorial contributions to a charity in a deceased's name or
      savings bond for a new baby when there are births & deaths in members'

      I never went to another meeting although I would have liked to. They had
      some very interesting speakers scheduled for some meetings as well as some
      group visits to some historical local sites I've always wanted to visit
      but never got around to going to when I had the income to afford to do so.

      It wasn't just the standard every meeting $ collection that kept me away.
      Every meeting notice I received always had a reminder to bring some
      specific item or items for some sort of collection going on that the Chapter was
      doing for some food bank or charity - bring non perishable food items,
      women's toiletries, good condition woman's clothing - I laughed at that one
      because anything I do have that's in presentable shape I need for the
      occasional work I get & what I wear everyday around home has now disintegrated to
      the point of rags or close to it; new or like new books, diapers &/or
      children's clothing, and the list went on & on.

      Back in the day before the Recession got us & we were middle class, I'd
      have had no problem with the collections but now that we're working poor,
      money to spend on something to give away, I didn't & don't have. If it had
      been volunteer time & labor they'd wanted, being mostly unemployed, THAT I
      have plenty of! :D

      I don't know how costly it might be to join SAR or if the Chapters have
      meetings or if those meetings have a steady stream of money outlays like the
      DAR Chapter I had poor luck to affiliate with. Anything's possible, you'll
      just have to check on it.

      If you're on a tight budget like us, I would definately recommend that you
      check with any Chapter you might be considering affiliating with (that
      goes for DAR, too)to see what regular, extra costs are involved & if they
      regularly look for donations for charities. I was naive & never dreamed I'd
      need a steady flow of discretionary cash to be a member & attend meetings.

      Ah well, at least anyone in the future who shares a part of my lineage
      back to my 5th great-grandfather & wants to join DAR or SAR, will have it
      easy. I submitted civil records of BMD - NJ had those in the 1800's, bible
      records, references from 19th century histories, my ancestor's Rev. War
      service records as well as the usual census schedules, etc. so their work's
      mostly done but for establishing their link back to a point common with my line.
      All they have to do to get that documentation I submitted is send to the
      DAR for copies of contents of the actual file I'd submitted. There is a fee
      but I don't know what it may be.

      I might not be officially DAR anymore but at least I do know some of my
      family's history with respect to our country's founding & I do have the DAR
      certificate to prove that once upon a time, I was a DAR member :)

      --- In RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com, HDBiker1@... wrote:
      > Thanks, Gloria. I did know that much but wonder about he
      > organizations. Do they have meetings, activities and such or is it
      > more of a tag on one's name ?
      > On Apr 30, 2012, at 8:44 AM, Gloria Silverman wrote:
      > Daughters of the American Revolution
      > Sons of the American Revolution
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      Be sure to check and use the Files, Links, Photos, and Database features
      on your visits to our RI_Ancestors Web site
      There is a lot of information there and more being added daily

      For the benefit of those who cannot access our Yahoo site
      we have a Mirror site for the File, Links, and Databases
      at: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~rikent/yahoo/
      Yahoo! Groups Links

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