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Re: [RI_Ancestors] Christopher Greene

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  • Gloria Silverman
    Hi Stacie, Yes, I have seen some gedcoms at ancestry.com that have CRG as your ancestor and they also have him married to Dorothy Sturdevant with son Dorwin in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2012
      Hi Stacie,
      Yes, I have seen some gedcoms at ancestry.com that have CRG as your
      ancestor and they also have him married to Dorothy Sturdevant with son
      Dorwin in addition to being married to Mary Ann Lehre.
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      Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 12:34 PM
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      >I have seen that Christopher Rhodes Greene son of Job and Abigail (and alot
      > of my cousins want to put him as my Christopher, BUT since my Christopher
      > moved to Pa, and died sometime there, and having found him in census too!
      > how could he be in SC at the same time?)
      > I need to take the date off of James, the ONLY reference I have of James
      > is
      > this found on the Brokenstraw, Pa USGENWEB site
      > *Christopher Green*
      > came here in 1817, and settled about half a mile east of the business part
      > of
      > Youngsville borough. In 1820 he removed to Yankee Bush, in Conewango
      > township. *James Green* (grandfather of *Dorwin Green*, now a respected
      > resident
      > of Youngsville) also came here in 1817, and for some time kept a shoe
      > shop in the western part of the borough. *James Sturdevant*, also
      > grandfather
      > of *Dorwin Green*, came in 1817, and brought *Dorwin* with him, then an
      > infant.
      > Dorwin is brother to my Halsey, both sons of Christopher.
      > This is the only reference I have to Christophers fathers name being
      > James. Later census has Christopher (and his father via Christopher) born
      > RI.
      > As my blog is titled GREENE MESS, lol
      > Stacie
      > On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 8:30 AM, Gloria Silverman
      > <gjs11054@...>wrote:
      >> **
      >> Interesting. I have 21 Christopher Greene's in my database, including one
      >> born in 1786, but he was the son of Job & Abigail (Rhodes) Greene. Of
      >> these
      >> 21 Christophers, none are a son of a James.
      >> BTW...I have 3 Greene lines, all of which stem from John of Quidnessett!
      >> Gloria
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      >> From: Bill Wright
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      >> Subject: [RI_Ancestors] Re: My (RI) ancestors
      >> Thank you, Charlie, for the kind comment.
      >> Stacie,
      >> On your blog you are correct, the James Greene who married Susannah
      >> Lynch in 1782 did not have any children by her. He died a couple of
      >> years after his marriage to Susannah. I am using "The Greenes of Rhode
      >> Island", 1903 by Louise Brownell Clarke. Although this is a secondary
      >> source, it has an excellent reputation for accuracy. Far better than
      >> what you can find on the internet.
      >> There were three UNRELATED men named John Greene who immigrated to Rhode
      >> Island in the 1600s, identified as John Greene of Warwick, surgeon; John
      >> Greene of Quidnessett whose son was Lieut John Greene Jr of Newport (but
      >> also mentioned in the East Greenwich records); and the John Greene of
      >> East Greenwich and Coventry who married Abigail Wardwell. DNA test
      >> results of descendants of these three Johns show that they are unrelated.
      >> There were several Christopher Greenes among the descendants of John of
      >> Warwick. It is his descendants that are covered in Clarke. There were
      >> very few or no known Christophers among the descendants of the other two
      >> Johns.
      >> Clarke does not have a Christopher born in 1786.
      >> In your blog you say that Christopher was the son of James, b 1761. I
      >> suspect that you are trying to follow your line using internet sources
      >> which have given you inconsistent information on your line. Clarke does
      >> have a James b 1761. He is called in a deed "James Greene cordwainer of
      >> Cranston." He died in 1844. In the deed his brothers and their wives are
      >> mentioned, but no wife is listed for James. From this and the fact that
      >> a recorded marriage for James has not been found, Clarke concluded that
      >> James was unmarried and did not have any children.
      >> This James was the son of Elisha (b 1728) who was the son of Elisha (b
      >> 1698) and continuing as you have it.
      >> The ancestry census index lists two Christopher Greenes in RI in 1810,
      >> both living in Warwick. But your Christopher could still have been
      >> living with his father. This same census index lists 6 James. One in
      >> Coventry, one in East Greenwich, three in Warwick, and one in West
      >> Greenwich. Shooting from the hip and without digging further I would
      >> guess that the Coventry James descends from John and Abigail; the West
      >> Greenwich James descends from John of Q, the East Greenwich James may be
      >> a descendant of surgeon John and the the Warwick James descend from
      >> surgeon John.
      >> It looks like you can read Clarke on line at
      >> <http://openlibrary.org/books/OL6929653M/The_Greenes_of_Rhode_Island>. I
      >> would try to match up the James Greenes in the RI censuses from 1790 to
      >> 1810 with the men named James you find in Clarke. You may want to find
      >> which James was missing in 1820 that may have moved "west."
      >> If this doesn't work, then you can order microfilms of the town records
      >> at a family history center in a Mormon church near you.
      >> If you would like to send me specifics on what you have on your James
      >> and Christopher, I will see if I can come up with a match.
      >> Finally, if you have a male "cousin" surnamed Greene have his
      >> Y-chromosome DNA tested and you will be able to confirm from which of
      >> the 3 Johns you descend.
      >> Bill Wright
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