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RE: [RI_Ancestors] Potter Plains Cemetery

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  • Nancy-Jo Nunez
    HI Nelson Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! ... From: RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com [mailto:RI_Ancestors@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Nelson Tamakloe
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      HI Nelson
      Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!

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      Nancy, as far as cemetery listings, a beta version of the RI historical
      cemetery database is available online at rihc.info.  Abby Potter, the widow
      of Aaron is listed there.  The problem is many of the graves don't have
      stones.  There might be 20-30 undocumented graves, and only a handful of
      stones.  Many of the colored gravesites have not been inventoried because of
      I will share what I have off-list for interested parties until I find some
      actual paperwork of my own.  I just have what was sent to me over email and
      while I'm pretty sure it is accurate, I would like to have my own 
      documentation in hand before I post anything on-list.
      Abby was a Watson, but her husband Aaron was one of Elisha Potter's slaves. 
      But there were quite a few others I haven't seen listed anywhere, except a
      couple of the men, on censuses.  My list of Elisha Potter's slaves comes
      from examining his personal estate records.  The Elisha R. Potter Sr.
      Collection at RIHS.  From about 1790-1835 ish. 
      People of color mentioned in the estate records include:
      "Binah Wash/Nash", and "Wm Pollock". Lucinda, Lady, John, Aaron, Dinah. 
      (John Potter was emancipated in 1810, went on to own his own property, and
      is mentioned several times in Daniel Stedman's diary, as "Governor John
      Later on Zeprah, James (always called James "black man" to distinguish from
      Elisha's son, also named James), the births of Nancy and Isaac in 1795 and
      1798.  Nancy and Isaac were sold to Asa Potter. When Asa died, Elisha bought
      them back.  These are the ones I remember offhand.  I can go over my notes
      when I get home.
      Elisha R. Potter only inherited one slave (on paper) from his maternal
      grandfather Elisha Reynolds in 1790, a woman named Giffe.  Giffe was to go
      to Elisha after his mother Elizabeth passed.  Elizabeth died in ca.1804
      and no one by the name of Giffe turned up in Elisha Potter's paperwork.  So
      I have no idea where these slaves came from.  Although Elisha Potter got
      most of the estate, his grandfather's slaves Caesar, Nan (different from
      Nancy above), and Jenny were spread out among various relatives, Lydia was
      set free, and Thomas was kept on the Reynolds estate.  Some of Lydia's
      children's birth are recorded in Arnold's Vital Records, but I haven't been
      able to figure out any more genealogical connections.

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