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Re: Joseph Clarke and Margaret Turner b. early 1600 MA

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  • kristinsmithcvs
    Thank you Jan, Tom, and Patricia for your help with this. Patricia, I ll definitely take a look at the book you cited. I m currently reading Nathaniel
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 20, 2009
      Thank you Jan, Tom, and Patricia for your help with this. Patricia,
      I'll definitely take a look at the book you cited. I'm currently
      reading Nathaniel Philbrick's book, *Mayflower*, and am impressed with
      how Rhode Island managed to remain fairly neutral during King Philip's

      Best regards,


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      > tomclarke1@... writes:
      > The issue of Joseph Clarke's?2nd wife, Margaret,?has been around for a
      > while. To the best of my knowledge her identity has not been
      documented. This is
      > the 1st time I have encountered John and Jane Turner as her
      parents. Usually
      > their son Lawrence Turner, is identified as her father. There is an
      article in
      > NEHGR, John Turner of Lynn, Mass. and Some of His Descendants, Vol.
      > Pgs. 33-44, on this family.?John's wife is not identified and no
      daughters are
      > mentioned, only sons John and Lawrence. It is difficult to see how
      a daughter
      > of Lawrence's old enough to be the mother of Joseph Clarke's
      > children,?beginning in the late 1650's, fits into the family.?
      > There is a letter in the James N. Arnold Collection at Knight
      Library in
      > Providence, RI from Gilbert Doane, dating?from the 1950's. (I
      should not be
      > writing this as I don't have the letter in front of me.) Doane was
      a prominent
      > genealogist of his generation, and he was researching the Margaret
      > issue. Apparently one of Joseph Clarke's children, Carew, I think,
      had some silver
      > plate or utensils bearing the initials "L. T.", which were supposed
      to have
      > belonged to his grandfather. Doane supposed that Lawrence Turner
      was the only
      > person in Newport at that period whose initials?filled the
      bill.?Doane was
      > not aware of a primary document regarding the silver plate.?This
      may or may
      > not be the origin of the Margaret Turner story.
      > I'm also curious about the origin of John and Jane being the
      parents of
      > Margaret. The NEHGR article has their son John born "about" 1612,
      which would
      > point to earlier dates for their births. Taunton as place of birth
      is just a
      > slip...or a spectacular breakthrough in New England history.
      > Tom Clarke
      > P. S. You need to get out of the hospital. There are almost no good
      > genealogy books there.
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      > Subject: [RI_Ancestors] Joseph Clarke and Margaret Turner b. early
      1600 MA
      > Hi, kids!
      > I am sitting in the hospital, still, on this borrowed laptop so I
      > have no way of looking up anything on this particular line...
      > Does anyone have any information for this lady? Here is the email I
      > received from her.
      > I am a descendant of Joseph Clarke and Margaret Turner, through
      > their son, Carewe, and enjoyed looking through your rootsweb page.
      > I noticed that you have Margaret Turner's parents, John and Jane,
      > listed as having been born in Taunton, Bristol, MA, in 1600 and
      > 1607, respectively. Do you have a source for this? I am curious
      > because the Pilgrims didn't arrive until 1620, and I didn't think
      > there were many English settlers in New England before then.
      > Jan, and Tom, you might want to go to
      > BA&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=1&ct=result_
      > sBA&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=1&ct=result) and download the volume.
      > Beginning on page 73 there is a section regarding the ancestry of
      Dr. John Clarke,
      > along with information on his brother Joseph.
      > This book seems to rely on secondary records, so it might not be
      > but it might serve as a reasonably good starting point. Certainly,
      it would
      > be more accurate than some of the stuff on Rootsweb or Ancestry.
      > I have not yet had the time to fully go through the book myself, but
      I have
      > downloaded it so it is on my list of things to get to.
      > My research seems to indicate that I am a descendant of Dr. John,
      while my
      > husband is a descendant of Joseph and Margaret.
      > Jan, try to relax while you are in the hospital, and do everything
      that the
      > doctor's want you to do!
      > Patricia
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      > steps!
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